#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinsky on “doping sanctions” from West

The process of destruction of an image of “fair” and “democratic” Europe continues to pick up steam: doping scandal at the Olympic Games was also added to the number of the western mistakes.

The US and Europe continue to aggravate the situation around the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The doping scandal around the Russian team can be considered as “evidence of Russian hardships and vices” such as “denial of guilt, empty threats and accusations”, says Mark Galeotti on the pages of The Guardian.

The sensational accusation was made by German tabloid “Bild” against their countryman, IOC president Thomas Bach. The publication stresses that Russia supported the Germans in the selection of the head of the IOC and “was a true partner for him”. So, following the logic of the author, other countries which supported Thomas Bach’s nomination are somehow “engaged” too?

Today we can say that the image of the ideal Europe, where the law and order dominate, everyone has a voice and a choice, the power belongs to the people, and the commitment to principles of the UN plays a primary role in the foreign policy strategy of the state – each day loses its market condition, revealing the true face and intentions of the Western democracies.

As we know, not only economic or political intrigue can damp reputation, but also sports scandals. Especially around the well-known historical events such as the Olympic Games, because what today Russia is accused for is absolutely unrealistic lies, first and foremost, it puts in a negative light directly the Western world. The story of the doping scandal for a long time does not leap from the pages of European and American publications. Ordinary people are convinced that in Russia there are only drug addicts and corrupted people, regardless of whether it concerns politics or athletes. I do not argue that such individuals are certainly present in elite circles, but any and every independent state has such. Another thing is “one size fits all” attitude. They say, if the person is Russian, then they are thug and corrupted, and nothing else.

A striking example of this is the mass removal of Russian athletes from the Olympic competition in Rio, even those who are clear of the suspicions doping case. This is clearly to show the Kremlin a principle of collective responsibility: the one that goes into a morass is followed by the whole team.

It is obvious that this sports scandal has pronounced political overtones. I would say that it is a well-planned in American circles mechanism of “shushing” of the so-called “aggressor” represented by Russia.

In my opinion, until sponsorship from the United States runs out, the Western media will not leave attempts to undermine Russia’s authority and power, and the number of scandals played out will only increase. As we can see, West failed to stifle Moscow via economic way, so they created information background, which is based on the visibility of the problem represented by a single country – Russia. The only thing that Kremlin can do is to keep up with their policy and to increase potential, despite strong political pressure from America…

Sergey Kondrykinsky, deputy of the People’s Council of the PDR

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