#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinsky on European policy of closed doors for Ukraine

The EU countries’ leaders have no desire to withdraw Ukraine from economic and political crisis, the door to the EU for Kiev is closed. However, Kiev elite continues to create illusions about the great prospects of Ukraine in the European Union. The next step is the belief in the abolition of visa regime for Ukrainian citizens.

Despite the claims of the European leaders on the need of implementation of the Minsk agreements by Ukraine, as well as a series of reforms, the oligarchs at Bankova Street don’t think about rethinking the domestic and foreign policy vectors.

MEP from Austria Barbara Kappel says openly that “it is unreasonable to decide on visa-free regime with Ukraine, which is experiencing an economic downturn”.

As we remember, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, before the forthcoming referendum on support of Ukraine and the EU Association in the Netherlands, said that Ukraine will not be able to join the EU or NATO in the next 20-25 years. This reflects the fact that in Europe, as well as in Russia, they do not see real efforts of Kiev to normalize the situation in the East of the country.

There is a question: why Ukraine does not hear not only Russia, but also the EU?

In my opinion, primarily ordinary citizens disenchanted with European ideals, as for the sake of an ephemeral dream they risked their lives and gave up peace with the Russian people. The second point: the betrayal of revolutionary ideas on the part of European partners. And finally, the third reason: the weakening of the political weight of the EU on the world stage.

Why does Ukraine need partners who are not able to stand up to Russia and its allies? What are the benefits of cooperation with the Western democracies if they own a huge amount of internal pitfalls, external debt and economic crisis?

I believe that the European Union is simply lost any credibility in the eyes of Kiev. Events of recent years have shown that the European family is not as friendly, equitable and democratic as it positions itself. Geopolitical changes in the world arena: the displacement of the centers of power, the struggle for territory and resources, as well as the rapid growth of developing economies have become a bone of contention for the European Union. These factors were decisive in shaping the EU’s development strategy, starting with relations between states within the Union and ending with the prospect of the inclusion of new members. Today we have a clear example of how step by step the unity of the European democracies is destroying, a commitment to the purposes and principles as well as a clear focus on US advice.

The EU has already lost the UK, the ideas of a separate exit occur in France, Greece, Czech Republic and Germany. The level of people who are discontent with EU policies is increasing with the number of migrants, and increased membership fees to the EU budget brings the EU closer to the economic crisis.

Today it is possible to safely say that the first brick in the European wall is already knocked out, and only time will show how strong the construction of the European Union is…

Sergey Kondrykinsky, deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR

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