#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinsky on influence of forthcoming presidential elections in USA on acting Ukrainian authority

Battles of the presidential race in the USA hold in suspense not only the Americans, but also a half of the globe, because the results of these elections will show, which political line the United States will choose.

There are two alternatives. The first one is an orientation to supporting of the USA status as a superpower and a leader of the unipolar world system. The second one is the policy of a gradual reorientation to internal problems and giving up the role of world`s hegemon (the principle of `America for the Americans´). The future state status depends on the win of the one of two candidates – the republican Donald Trump and the democrats` representative Hillary Clinton.

It is difficult to predict the result of the presidential race today, because it is not quite clear, what position the representatives of the political establishment of the most `democratic´ country will take up eventually. It is them who appoint the next president. The confrontation takes place in the political and elite community, where everyone defends interests of their political clan.

In the USA elections wins not the one who gets the most votes, but the one the majority of so-called electors are for. And more than once the paradoxical situation has happened, when the president came to power that had got fewer votes of the Americans. That is why the American democracy is special, and it is no coincidence that the Americans do not like when the ‘democracy’ state system of their country is being discussed. On the other hand, they do like to discuss other countries and bring `the democracy´ with the help of shells, bombs and missiles.

The Ukrainian government is closely watching which one of two candidates gets the presidency in the USA, because the positions of American candidates as for the Ukrainian question and so-called Russian `aggression´ are completely different. Unlike Hillary, who has extremely abrupt comments about Russia, Donald Trump keeps paying Russian president Vladimir Putin compliments and insists that `negotiations with Russia are important for America´. It should be noted that never before the surname of Russian Federation leader wasn`t heard so often in the context of the American presidential elections. And the Ukrainian political leaders are highly concerned about it, because their political careers depends on the USA position about the Ukrainian conflict.

Also, the question about cooperation between Ukraine and NATO remains important, in which Trump has a neutral position, and this is contrary to the interests of the acting authority in Kiev. The Ukrainian `elite´ considers the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton as its ally in this question.  She sticks to obvious radical views in her speeches, without concealing the aggression and hatred for Russia, including Donbass and Crimea.

In my opinion, Ukraine does not need to worry about who will be the next president of the USA, but has to worry about how not to lose credibility of the western partners. Recently, a number of European countries have spoken out against the policy of sanctions and sponsoring of the military regime in Ukraine. The EU and the USA have taken a firm stance on the implementation of the Minsk agreements and decentralization of the Ukrainian authorities. Kiev authority is not able to fulfill its obligations, and elections in the USA won`t change the situation. The West deals shortly with those who does not implement agreements and the acting Ukrainian government should understand this.

In conclusion I`d like to mention: in spite of the difference in the pre-election rhetoric, the president, who wins the elections, will act in the USA interests. What the American politicians do and what they say are completely different things. Time will show, which of the political clans will win and what policies the USA will conduct after the elections.

Sergey Kondrykinsky, the DPR People`s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People`s Council

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