#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinsky on Ukraine`s vain attempts to become NATO partner

On the threshold of the big NATO summit in Poland, Kiev politicians are determined to narrow economic and military gap between Ukraine and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization at any cost.

This is evidenced by the proposal of Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council to lift the restrictions on purchase of lethal weapons, talks on expansion of NATO`s military presence in the Black Sea and readiness to carry out a military reform on NATO standards.

In my opinion, hasty statements of Ukrainian politicians are caused by fear to be left on the same stage with the Russian Federation without any support from the West. Help from the European Union didn`t meet the expectations. Europe hasn`t provided assistance to Poroshenko`s government in carrying out political and economic reforms. Furthermore, the EU itself  is coming apart at the seams due to exceeding limits of assistance provided to Ukraine, Georgia, Greece, Turkey, the Baltic countries and so on.

The reality is that President Poroshenko becomes a weak political leader. His team is incapable of pursuing home and foreign policies, and Ukrainian State on the whole turns into an outlaw in the globalizing world. Rapprochement with NATO is therefore a desperate attempt to maintain stability of their regime.

Certainly, Ukraine can`t become a NATO member first of all because of the internal conflicts and territorial problems, so it is betting on joint exercise. American military are welcomed at Yavorov training ground, and the U. S. naval ships are hosted in Odessa that for lack of its own efficient fleet looks like “an argument” against the RF. (As for Russia, its Black Sea Fleet has been recently replenished with the newest frigate that annoys Ukraine much, too).

Fearing Russia`s naval power, the Black Sea NATO allies of the USA favour expansion of NATO`s presence in the region. However, wise Bulgaria reacted coldly on Romania`s initiative to create a joint flotilla of the Black Sea NATO countries. Being among the outsiders, Ukraine can offer itself only as a platform for exercise, so to say, as a training ground. A military reform on NATO standards may weaken the Ukrainian MIC critically, excluding Ukraine from the number of the leading arms exporters.

So what is the price of support from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization? To what consequences will the military reform under the auspices of NATO lead? How will Ukraine be able to compensate considerable investments of the NATO members in the soon-to-be economic beggar? The matter is that the question of price has been put before Petro Poroshenko`s team long ago, though any concrete steps towards rapprochement of Ukraine with NATO haven`t been taken yet.

The prospect of Ukraine`s cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization depends largely on realities of world politics, as well as on geostrategic intentions of big players such as Russia, China, the USA, Germany and others. Let`s keep in mind that these very states fight for domination within Eurasia. The distribution of power in the world arena is dependent exactly on realization of their national interests. But the interest of the West lies in exploitation of Ukraine, without spending resources on solving its problems.

Ukraine naively hopes for support of her North Atlantic aspirations by NATO leadership, not considering possible price of such assistance. Blinded by belief in Russian aggression, Ukrainian political circles do not notice they are gradually losing the monopoly on governing their own country. However, we see who the puppeteer actually is in the so-called “Ukrainian crisis”.

The present Kiev government is hardly able to establish order in the country and prepare it for real reforms according to NATO principles. The politicians in Bankova Street believe blindly they can hold Ukraine taking into account disastrous consequences of their rule, but will NATO manage to fulfill it? Probably, not.

Sergey Kondrykinsky, People`s Council Deputy

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