#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinsky on Ukrainian radicalism and attempts to return Crimea

Despite a growing anti-Ukrainian sentiment in Europe, ‘war party’ continues a radical policy and chants nationalist ideas about the unity of Ukraine. The country is on the verge of default, Ukrainians go abroad massively, especially, men who are sent to ‘ATO’ area, standards of living fall, and public discontent threatens to escalate into a new turmoil. In the midst of all of this, the Ukrainian government still hopes to return the Crimean peninsula and to defeat the ‘Russian aggression’.

The Ukrainian radicalism has always had extreme nationalist ideas, the promotion of which is considered only by means of force and pressure on people. In other words, the Ukrainian elite adopted an experience of Nazism and fascism and gave it a new form of discrimination – Russophobia. This is how children are being raised: a so-called ‘Adolf’s ABC’, the history of formation of pro-Nazi ideas and exploits of tyrants of the XX century… It is not surprising that young Ukrainians blindly believe in the fact that Russia is the ‘aggressor’ and ‘invader’.

The Ukrainian government of radicals has been trying to teach people to live according to the West scenario for nearly three years. Since ancient times, Donbass as well as the Crimean peninsula have been Russian lands with the Russian-speaking population, with Russian Orthodox tradition and mentality. Under the pretext of exclusivity and purity of the Ukrainian nation, Russophobic ideologists rewrite history, thereby bringing up the generation of ‘patriots’ who will live not for the sake of something, but against.

Another week has shown the hatred of Ukrainians for Russian world. Today we are witnessing how a well-planned Western propaganda is driving mad hundreds of thousands of people, setting against their brothers. Diversions in Crimea showed us that Ukraine is not a leader and fighter for justice, but a simple executor of the West’s orders.

The Crimea saboteurs’ task, in my opinion, was not attacks against Peninsula management or strategically important industrial facilities, but against tourist business of the peninsula. To sow panic and to wreak havoc – that is what the Ukrainian military and government officials are doing well.

It is not surprising that Ukraine has not built anything new in recent years. After all, everything is done to prevent people from getting a quality education, to make people forget the history of their country, to make them be on the brink of survival and adjust them only for one task – to destroy.

Sergey Kondrykinsky, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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