#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinsky on West’s informational speculation against the backdrop of civil wars in Syria and Ukraine

The tragedy of December 5 in Aleppo has become one of the main informational speculations of the Western press.

I recall that Russian medics died as a result of targeted strike of the Syrian opposition against the field hospital. The popular news agencies BBC and Al Jazeera are trying to lay the blame on the Russian and Syrian armies for continuous shelling of urban quarters, destruction of infrastructure and civilian casualties. Including the blame for the death of two Russian female doctors of the field hospital in Aleppo, according to the Western news agencies, is also laid on Russian servicemen.

The situation is similar to the well-known Donbass scenario that caused discussions on all political and information forums in the world.

Unfortunately, a lie spreads like a wildfire, despite the lack of any evidence. And while another wave of hysteria is stirring up about this stove-piping in the Internet, the situation is worsening and terrorists are continuing to terrorize civilians with impunity.

The western media has had such practice for a long time. And every time, a great number of fake news and slander hide from the global audience the true situation in Syria as well as the actions of the West and its regional allies, who are destroying the SAR.

Almost every news program has been starting with the news from this country for a long time. The importance of Syria cannot be overestimated in international politics, because it pays an important role in the geopolitical situation on the Middle East. The war between ISIS militants, the opposition and the government of Bashar al-Assad has turned this country into the main troublemaker in the world. Literally, there are armies of all leading countries in Syria.

It has long been clear that the Ukrainian and Syrian crises have become the biggest challenges for the relationship between the West and Russia since the Cold War. Even the Iran’s nuclear program did not lead these opponents to the war.

Aleppo will be under the control of government forces, as evidenced by the mass surrender of militants. And, in my opinion, it would be right, if the West would begin to provide humanitarian assistance to the residents, instead of covering up the crimes of so-called opposition and begging for time to regroup.

Sergey Kondrykinsky, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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