#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinsky on what lies behind Russophobic policy of Ukrainian corrupt officials

Last week once again showed the devastating consequences of hatred among Ukrainians toward Russia and everything Russian.Diversions, arrests of dissident journalists and publicists, economic isolation, attacks on public and cultural facilities, demolition of Soviet leaders monuments and desecration of the past – these are forms of anti-Russian hysteria in Ukraine. It is deliberately fomented and supported by certain political circles of the West.

The reason for such actions, in my opinion, lies in the fear of Western Europe and the United States before the Russian Federation and the countries of East Asia. They fear that the Russian Federation, despite all the measures taken to deprive Russia of influence in the geopolitical scale, “dares to conduct” their own independent from the West policy and find the allies and partners. The worst nightmare of the West – lose the monopoly of power in the satellite states. It is not impossible to hold on to power only through repression and dictatorship for a long time, as history shows. People are tired of endless war, life in fear and poverty. Such happened in the twentieth century with Cuba, Iran, Chile, and such will happen to Ukraine.

Finding in the face of Russia a reliable ally, the states start to resist the aggressive US policy. These examples are Syria and Turkey. For the US, this course of events is fundamentally unacceptable. America is not going to part with the title of the world’s superpower, and with the help of their puppets, including Ukrainian, will try by all means to force Russia to change their policy, so that they become one of the obedient “puppet”-states.

Decades of Russophobic Western propaganda and the powerful influence of radical nationalism in the Ukrainian society gave their results. Betrayers of the Motherland, Nazis became national heroes of today’s Ukraine. We have witnessed how the ruthless machine of Ukrainian media deprives of conscious mind and common sense hundreds of thousands of people, setting them up aggressively against their brothers. And the worst thing is that this aggression has no objective reason other than the US’s desire to have Ukraine as a territory of hatred for everything Russian.

A recent attempt to sabotage Crimea once again proves the degree of “zombieness” of American will’s performers. After all, they were told that Crimea – it is Ukraine, and Russian shamelessly annexed it with guns in their hands, so you can blow up civilians, shoot Russian soldiers. After all, “Ukraine is above all”…

Common sense is somehow lost in this dance of madness, these jumping on the rake: neither real history of the peninsula nor an opinion of its inhabitants nor the fact of will of the people are not the reasons for the Ukrainians to wonder who has actually “annexed” who.

With regard to other Ukrainian political scandals of the past week, we can’t but mention the excesses and crime of the security forces. There are numerous accusations of mass abuse, illegal detention, rape and other unlawful acts towards the military. Only the most obvious of the episodes are reaching the courts, the so-called fighters of the volunteer battalions put pressure on the judiciary. As a result, criminals are being released, given suspended sentences. Justice in Ukraine, in fact, has become a punitive instrument in the hands of the pro-American government of Kiev.

The cynicism of the US policy of double standards indicates at the fact that the current leaders of the US, EU and NATO in their foreign policy work in the mode of a tough dictator, based on their own interests. This political line is more often becomes defeated when faced with an independent policy of Russia and other countries. History shows that this path always has the same finish – the catastrophic collapse of the state-contender for world domination. Let’s hope that Ukraine will come to awareness of reality earlier than the system of the American imperialism fails…

Sergey Kondrykinsky, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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