#Official Commentary of Sergey Kondrykinsky on what Pentagon thinks about its mistakes

The official Washington’s common practice of impunity of for its actions gives many countries a reason to think about a strategic choice in order to defend their national interests. The Western politicians’ promotion of a “The stronger a country or coalition, a member of which a country is, the less norms of international law you can apply to it” formula is a tempting cover and excuse for their crimes.

Commenting on the US-led coalition’s attacks on the Syrian army in the province of Deir ez-Zor on September 17, the Head of the Pentagon’s investigation Richard Coe said: ʺIt was an unintentional, regrettable error, primarily based on human factorsʺ. He added that ʺwithout that call from the Russians, the strikes would have continued for longer than they didʺ. Following the logic of the US military, the United States admits that it has made ‘an unintentional, regrettable error’, but Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook reported about the absence of cooperation plan with Russian plans in determining targets for air strikes in Syria. It turns out that the ‘barbaric’ Russia stopped killing of the Syrian soldiers and the American ‘evil fighters’ has helped it to grow.

Besides that, the United States, a great power, which regularly goes public about its super powers and control tools, is not able to block financial flows form oil smuggling and supply of weapons to Islamic militants, but also kills true fighters against terrorism in its own territory.

It is good that Russia was able to stop that madness on September 17, in the province of Deir ez-Zor, but it would be ideal not to allow this tragedy to happen. The US used an agreement, which was reached one week before the incident, on Syria in order to benefit of necessary pauses, no-fly zones and PR. It should be noted that the US Air Force’s airstrike on “Doctors without Borders” hospital organization in Kunduz killed 42 people, and the bombing of the Afghan province of Uruzgan led to death of eight policemen. It turns out that there is no one to save the local population in Afghanistan from those who impose ‘order’ and bring ‘democracy’ since 2001.

The most remarkable thing in this story is that, according to the Pentagon, ʺairstrike on the hospital cannot be called a war crime, since it was a mistakeʺ. I would like to draw a couple of analogies to understand these blasphemous statements of representatives of the US Department of Defence. When a driver confuses gas and brake pedal ‘by mistake’, it does not mean that he wanted to bring down a pedestrian in advance, and that is why it is not a crime? Or when a crane operator accidentally drops his load, because he confused levers or was just thinking about an upcoming anniversary of his wife, hasn’t he committed a crime? Such examples are numerous. Does this hegemon know about a crime committed by imprudence, or concepts such as “criminal irresponsibility” and “criminal negligence”? Or maybe it is not negligence, incompetence and lack of professionalism, but a pre-planned provocation?

In any case, sooner or later, everyone has to take a responsibility for what has been done intentionally or negligently. This also applies to Ukrainian rulers who considered themselves to be under the US’s wing and allowed to organize the genocide of their own people. And it’s not even that you have to wait for the moment when the international right will work the same way all over the world, without double standards, but the thing is that the new administration will not bear responsibility for what the Ukrainian authorities have done. That is to say, it has other things on its plate connecting with tricks of Barack Obama’s surrounding.

By the way, it is necessary to think carefully about the consequences and not be guided solely by orders from overseas, before you organize any activities, which, according to neighbors, are blunt threats to them. This refers to the missile firing exercises over Crimea. It is hardly possible to stay on the sidelines when the neighbor, who discredited itself in 2001, decided to hold such exercises and put the target on your territory. It is one thing to fabricate materials for the information field, and the other thing is to find yourself where you started. Will the Western counterparts support the Ukrainian event and help to deal with the consequences? You can assume that they will not. There is also an option that the Ukrainians promised to support in a favorite manner of the State Department.

Sergey Kondrykinsky, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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