#Official commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on corrupt practice of Ukrainian Prosecutor-General’s Office

The Prosecutor-General’s Office of Ukraine arrested one of the managers of the disgraced Ukrainian gas oligarch Kurchenko – Andrey Koshel. Evidently, the President Poroshenko decided to test his new force instrument for redivision of the sphere of influence.

The Prosecutor-General’s Office like a well-trained dog, bites only those ones, whom they are told to.

If you pay attention to any life sphere in Ukraine you may find out a lot of ambiguous things, which are undoubtedly interesting for prosecutors. There are many persons with dominant names, but not with clear biography and structure of earnings, truly speaking, the majority of them are able to “negotiate” either with the Prosecutor-General’s Office of Ukraine or straight with the president. It is true that the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko within his framework “big fishing”, as he ironical called mode of the future operation, had time to leave matters of the oligarchs Kolomoyskiy and Pinchuk in hands of Kholodnitskiy, the Head of the specialized anti-monopoly Prosecutor’s Office. Probably, they do it just on purpose to receive the solid farming and to keep this from getting out of control.

It is very important to note that how the current General Prosecutor was appointed. For this purpose the deputies of the Verkhovnaya Rada had to introduce changes in the current legislation. Does Yuriy Lutsenko not have the higher legal education? Therefore the General Prosecutor may not have the higher legal education now. And indeed, for what? This is because so-called proscriptions, indicating who must be arrested, who must share with stocks, will be drawn up by the President, and sophisticated colleagues will help to bring legitimate grounds to the redivision of property.

After the new reform could the General Prosecutor not influence on personnel decisions? Therefore the reform is frozen up to 2017. In Ukrainian lawmaking everything is simple. If the Executive Office of the President said “you must” – the Rada replied “yes sir”.

The Prosecutor-General’s Office is a department, which is constantly cloaked with scandals. The previous Head of this was a godfather of the president`s children Viktor Pavlovich Shokin, who could have shocked even the West, when he had bared his ability to observe dirty activity of his charges. Because of his acquired anti-rating less than one year he had to be discharged and it was surely personnel loss for Poroshenko.

However Petro Poroshenko found suitable candidacy – Yuriy Lutsenko. A person, who is odious and well-known for everyone. Recently this man was the Head of the presidential fraction Petro Poroshenko Bloc and that`s why he could be quite reproached for political commitment. It should be pointed out that they did not manage to promote the revision bill on the first try. Poroshenko had to interfere in this process and personally to be present at the Verkhovnaya Rada during a voting. There is a theory that the bill was successful because of previous visits to Poroshenko of Viktor Pinchuk, Dmitriy Firtash and perhaps Igor Kolomoyskiy. These people control certain deputy groups and in exchange for the future loyalty of the Prosecutor-General’s Office could provide the president protégé with necessary votes.

Of course, the Prosecutor-General’s Office could be useful for the President, as was the case of the Panama offshore Papers. I would like to remind you that Poroshenko continued to build own business-schemes even during military operations in Donbass. It was announced that “the Prosecutor-General’s Office does not see the component elements of a crime” in mentioned documents and it was added that investigation into the President activity did not belong to a frame of their reference. This brings up the question why the government body comments upon the situation, which does not belong to their sphere of competence. Is it one more Poroshenko`s mouthpiece, called up to bleach his image?

Besides, collecting votes under his own appointment from the fraction “the People`s Front” Lutsenko said the following: “I will be the representative of both political teams” (it means of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the People`s Front). It sounds in whole neutrally, but not long before that concerning the odious Vice-General-Prosecutor Shokin`s return in the Prosecutor-General’s Office staff Sakvarelidze said that he would unlikely to come back, because he had decided on political way and in the Prosecutor’s Office there was no place for that.

It means that the Prosecutor’s Office is not political department, but Yuriy Lutsenko would be the representative of both political teams. At first sight it is amazing. But there is nothing illogical in his statement, because it is referred to protection of own interests of the supported his candidacy oligarchs, who stay behind the Parliament fractions of Ukraine.

The new General-Prosecutor had time to tell about ambitious plans for 2016. His American partners will help him with its carrying out. The one of such “assistants” became Bogdan Vetvitskiy, the previous Assistant U.S. Attorney and also the resident- counselor by U. S. Embassy in Ukraine. This man will be occupied with selection of people in the General Commission of the Prosecutor-General’s Office of Ukraine.

Moreover Yuriy Lutsenko told about the readiness to engage the FBI officers for “the improvement of investigations”. It seems that there is not a term of “the sensitive information” in Ukraine. Either that, what is going on in the highest government bodies of Ukraine, is a priori not a secret for Americans and there is no a sense to strain themselves, or Ukraine is already not completely a state. All this looks disgustingly. Of course, it is for no one a secret that Ukraine is under vigilant US control, but they could even though draw a veil over this for self-respect.

Now you do not need to be a conspiracist to know that the Prosecutor-General’s Office of Ukraine is the government body, which absolutely depends on the President of Ukraine and American team of “the reformers”. This does not make it unique, because everybody remembers about the star-spangled banner above the State Security Service of Ukraine building and the Minister Jaresko. It is terrible to know that they do not hide it; Ukrainians are methodically learned to this fact, imagining that events are indication of Ukraine integration in the Western World.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People`s Council deputy

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