#Official Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on establishing of fascist dictatorship in Ukraine

The widespread opinion that there was a coup d’etat in Ukraine in February, 2014, in my opinion, is wrong. There was a real revolution in Ukraine, when one form of the power was replaced by another – democracy was replaced by dictatorship of the extreme nationalist. In other words, in Ukraine, as a result of the victory of “Maidan”, a dictatorship with strong fascist traits was established.

In history we see many forms of fascism. Initially, it was the Italian Fascism, then German Nazism, and even in Latin America. For all the diversity of national and state distinctions, fascism has clear generic characteristics that allow recognizing it as fascism. The Nazis in Germany, the Ustashe in Croatia, Iron Guard in Romania or Falangists in Spain – all of these are the same fascists, only with their own characteristics. Now the Nazis came to Ukraine as well.

This problem should not be held back as it is done by lawyers of “Maidan”, saying that the nationalism is not fascism.  Extreme nationalism that prevailed in Ukraine – this is fascism in its purest form no matter what differences there are in spelling. Fascism has its outward signs, which were clearly manifested after the coup d’etat 22 February 2014.

Fascism always appeals to the irrational and opposes modernism. In Ukraine, this has resulted in the magical formula “Bandera will come and put to rights”. The cult of Bandera is practiced by tens of thousands of Ukrainians who really cannot explain Bandera’s arrival and his putting to rights.

Fascism is always totalitarian. However, in Ukraine it assumed the form of liberal fascism – this is when all the institutions of power it takes from democracy, but the essence – from dictatorship. The Ukrainian government is trying not to show its repressive nature, at the same time engaged in persecution of people under their control liberal institutions: NGOs, media, social networks, sects, fashion trends…

All discordant with the new power appear enemies. Certain ethnic minorities or representatives of other faiths or ideologies became enemies as well. Fascism is always
“anti-“, it is never “for”. In Ukraine, fascism took anti-Russian, anti-Orthodox character. And, of course, fascism is always anti-communism. The ban on the activities of the Communist Party or the Communist symbols is the proof.

Fascism is always militaristic in nature. Ideas of fight for the sake of fight, the hero’s cult, ideology of the besieged fortress, the appeal to the offended honour of the nation form extremely aggressive type of behavior at adherents of fascism. In domestic policy they are always disturbed by the internal enemies who are constantly spinning intrigues. In foreign – they became victims of an international conspiracy. The whole Ukrainian society is inflated to the limit: inside there is “vata” (wool) which interferes live, outside –  “Moskaly” (Russians).

By the way, fascism always speaks Newspeak. Nazis in Ukraine have a whole set of labels to indicate their enemies (“vata”, “Colorado” (pro-Russian activist), “Rashka” (Russia)…) and slogans-passwords for their recognition (“Ukraine is above all!”, “Moskalyaku na gilyaky!” (Russians have to die), “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!”).

Besides the modern fascism, as well as his ancestor from the XX century, is international. In Ukraine, for example, fascists from Italy, the homeland of this phenomenon were seen.  As reported by the media, in June 2014, in Kiev together with 40 fighters of “Azov” battalion, who are citizens of Ukraine, an Italian citizen, 53-year-old Francesco Xavier Fontano nicknamed “Uncle” took the oath as well.

In the 70s in Pisa, he fought in the ranks of “National vanguard”, then “Youth Front”, the youth branch of the Italian social movement. He was a friend and a colleague of Gabriele Adinolfi, the founder of the neo-fascist group “Third Position” which was operating in Italy in 1978-1982, and Stefano Della Chiaia, the leader of the “National vanguard”, the organizer of street battles with the police in 1968 and Valerio Borghese, a member of the neo-fascist coup attempt in 1970.

From the materials collected by the press it appears that Fontana was one of the organizers of the supply from Western Europe to “Azov” from people who wanted to do some fighting for the ideals of Mussolini and Hitler.

On December 24, 2014, a prominent activist of the “Tryzub of Stepan Bandera” (on its base the modern “Right Sector” was created) Igor Zagrebelny published in his blog a photo Fontano in sweater with a bar of “The Black Corp” (these are used by “Azov”) in the arms of two figures (one was in a t-shirt with an emblem of “Azov”, another had a bar of “Right Sector”), explaining that it was made during the “nationalist conference in France to support Ukraine” (without specifying the date and venue).

In March, 2015, Fontana participated in “March of the white person” in the British Manchester, and in October he made the anti-Russian speech at conference of the memory of the founder of “National Front” John Tyndall which brought together in the British city Preston a number of the former and modern leaders – right radicals of Foggy Albion. The report on the conference he is mentioned as the “volunteer of the Ukrainian liberation movement “Right sector””.

Ukrainian fascists appreciated the friendship with the European fascists, such as Francesco Xavier Fontana. Member of the “Right Sector” Igor Zagrebelny wrote about a broad coalition of fascist: “In order to increase the chances of the national revolution in Ukraine and the preservation of its results, Ukrainian nationalists must work with European illiberal forces”. The national revolution in a number of European countries at the same time or after a certain period will be the best one for this. This will create a unit to defend the revolutionary gains. Alternatively, these nationalist movements should play the role of the fifth column in their respective countries in the absence of such a unit.

The fascism always bears the evil to those people and the countries where it wins, and it always bears a global threat to peace. During the years of “Maidan” victory which are presented to the whole world as “a victory of the Revolution of Dignity” and “a victory over tyranny”, fascism in Ukraine reaped a bloody harvest. Thousands of people the killed, there are tens of thousands of political repression victims, there are millions of internally displaced people and migrants, vandalism, looting… Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Ukrainians are infected with the fascist plague.

If fascism wouldn’t be stopped, then Ukraine will become a real threat to peace around the world.

Vladimir Bidyovka, deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR

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