#Official Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on extent of corruption in Ukraine

Experts of the European Court of Auditors recognize Ukraine as the most corrupted country in Europe. The organization’s report states that, despite the impetus given to anti-corruption reforms, the results are still very fragile. Also, auditors note the fact that the oligarchic clans continue to exert a strong influence on the economy.

In Ukraine, the anniversary of the so-called ‘revolution of dignity’ was celebrated on November 21. The goals articulated by supporters of ‘Maidan’ are the fight against corruption and the removal of the oligarchs from power. New Ukrainian authorities immediately blamed the political forces that spoke of the deception and the substitution of the stated objectives, for the pro-Russian views and betraying Ukrainian interests.

But now independent European sources speak of the Ukrainian authorities’ corruptness. On this basis, we can assert that there was no revolution in sight, but there was a coup, which resulted in some oligarchic clans pushed back from power other oligarchic clans, while Ukrainian people have paid and continue to pay for it all.

Payment by public of expenditures, associated with the stunning incompetence of the new government and the complete absence of motivation to protect the interests of the citizens of the country, is supported by the rapid impoverishment of both entrepreneurs and state employees.

But how can there be power without corruption in Ukraine, if the US Pentagon site recently deleted a report on the embezzlement of $125 billion? Corruption in Ukraine is just a shallow hooliganism in comparison with this extent. Like father, like son. If overseas curators of Ukrainian ‘revolution’ allow such embezzlement at home, they will not comment on the petty, according to the American patterns, corruption schemes in Ukraine at all. It seems that the Pentagon officials know little about the “misuse of budgetary funds”, and Ukrainian colleagues will happily copy this example to follow. The American political strategists stop at nothing to achieve their goals, and the well-being of ordinary people living in Ukraine hardly bothers them. Therefore, while the power will be in the hands of inept political puppets of the United States, there is no point in waiting for a real change in Ukraine for the better.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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