#Official Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on George Soros’s gambling addiction

There is a concept like gambling in psychology. Experts argue that a person experiences a morbid impulse to a game in this state. When a man suffers from gambling, this poses certain problems for his surroundings, because a man obsessed with the game is often guided by instantaneous desire to win, hit the jackpot. In order to achieve the result, a player spares no effort, neither means nor life and health of his loved ones. Often gamers, mired in debts, pay for their passion with their own lives.

Scientific and technological progress in today’s world has reached a level where not only individual people can be drawn into a game, but also entire regions and even countries. For instance, an American billionaire, who was born in Hungary, George Soros considers himself a global player. Psychologically speaking, it is possible to call this person a classic example of gambling addict, whose behavior almost completely fits in symptoms described by psychologists as gambling addiction.

Experts say that an individual, who suffers from gambling, is absorbed in game and it is impossible to distract him, he plans future strategies all the time and is concerned with finding money to implement his plans. George Soros’s funding of non-governmental organizations, whose activities result in the preparation and implementation of coups in different countries, falls under this symptom. Even native Hungary has not been an exception to him – Soros has funded dozens of different non-profit organizations, which activities are to discredit the existing power in this country. Only recently in their home country, Mr. Soros, was pointed to the door and promised to check the financial flows of all sponsored to his non-profit organizations.

The next symptom described by specialists is when an individual commits forgery, theft or other crimes that, in his opinion, may contribute to winning. George Soros does not disdain to use such methods as well. For example, documents with lists of Ukrainian journalists and media companies, which received grants from the Soros’s Foundation for false and distorted coverage of events in the Crimea and Donbass, has become available to the public after hackers hacked into the billionaire’s personal mail.

Another bright symptom, which distinguishes a gambling addict from a non-addict, is that an addicted individual tries to understate the importance of the game in his life. According to this symptom, George Soros attempts to disguise his, frankly, bloody activity as ‘a fight for true democratic values’. Judging by achieved results, goals, which a billionaire pursues in his games, are resources and lands of “democratized” countries.

A gambling addict constantly bids up while gambling, he is not embarrassed by, in his view, temporary loss and a sudden interruption of the game can cause anxiety or even anger. Apparently, Soros made up his mind to finance European NPOs for this reason, which would deal with gypsies in the continent. Soros may not have enough destabilization caused by the endless flow of refugees from the Middle East. Europe will now have to take care of the Gypsies.

Psychologists say that even realization of the fact that a gambling addict can lose literally everything – family, career, friends, financial well-being and even his life – does not stop him. George Soros had made a huge bid for Hillary Clinton’s victory and he lost, but it only encouraged him to perform new exploits, such as protests on the streets of the United States against Donald Trump.

I think that Mr. Soros is absorbed in playing. Meanwhile, new people have entered a world political scene, who are capable of establishing new rules of the game and who may not be too tough for 86-year-old wheeler-dealer.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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