#Official Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on inactivity of Ukrainian security officials towards private armies in Ukraine

Having been the most industrially and scientifically developed republics of the USSR, Ukraine has rapidly rolled down into feudalism. Looting of soviet potential by oligarchs would inevitably end up with feudal fragmentation.

Oligarchic armies have existed even before the coup in the form of organized criminal groups, and after February 22, 2014, they became legal. Now feudal armies of oligarchs are the most efficient power of the regime and are by far more superior to the AFU, if not by weapons, then by the desire to defend the government.

Yet none of the revolution happened without purposeful terror, street crime and the lack of real work of law enforcement. When revolutions occur (and in Ukraine, no doubt, there was a neo-Nazi revolution), ordinary law-abiding citizens become the objects of public attacks by criminal elements, which in the normal functioning of the state preferred to act from behind a corner.

The so-called ‘revolution of dignity’ has created, including three problems for the existence of the Ukrainian state. The first problem is organized terrorism, the second is street gang violence, the third is inaction of law enforcement.

Of course, the first and most important issue for Ukraine is an outrage of power in the form of terror of the local population, organised by the state. What is needed, when the power seems to be concentrated in the hands, but competitors are able to take it away? That’s right, your own pocket army. How to create it? Collect those people who are willing to make money from everything. Here is a recipe of creating of private armies in Ukraine. Oligarchs who are at the trough of ‘corruption swamp’ enjoy this recipe despite the illegality of their actions in the creation and operation of “manual” OCG (organized crime groups – Ed.).

Arsen Avakov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, has one of the most combat-ready pocket armies – a division of special purpose “Azov”. Volunteers included in it, ultras and other neo-Nazis are directly accountable to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine as the compound of the National Guard of Ukraine. Also, as additional earnings, their services are generously paid by stakeholders close to Arsen Avakov.

“Azov” in general is a very significant phenomenon in Ukraine: the backbone of the “Azov” is made of former members of the “Right Sector.” The half went to Dmitry Yarosh in his new project, and the other half – to “Azov.” Actually, the division into the military and ‘civilians’ took place about a year ago, when the first veterans returned to Kiev. While some had served under Mariupol (now they are brought to the protection of checkpoints and ‘ticketing’ of citizens at CPAE (checkpoint of access and egress)), while the latter conducted ‘commercial activity.’

In other words, “Azov” is a military and commercial structure that performs specific tasks for Avakov: on the one hand it sows terror in the territory under the control of Ukraine and at the same time brings financial benefits to its beneficiary.

Then there are surprising things that are unthinkable in Europe. The deputy of the “Opposition Bloc” Alexander Vilkul said: “As a result of the independent investigation it became known that the militants who stormed and set fire on the building of the TV channel “Inter” received $200 per one, while the men of the cover group – $100. Avakov and other leaders of the “Popular Front” need their own channel, as they repeatedly said.”

And this is just the latest example of how to use the hosts their private armies in Ukraine. It makes no sense to talk about what the Ukrainian private armies in the territory of Donbass are engaged in, this is so well known.

The second problem is street gang violence. It is difficult to explain the reasons for this phenomenon, when in Ukraine, according to Poroshenko and Avakov again, the police is created according to American patterns. It would seem that a sample taken is the most ‘progressive’ and the most ‘democratic’ one, but the country is in outrage. People are kidnapped in broad daylight and taken to an unknown destination. For example, the footage shows without words what is happening on the streets of Ukrainian cities, which are protected by the new Ukrainian police. In fact, this is taking of hostages, that is, an act of terrorism. All is captured on camera and set out in the media. It is easy to assume that was committed by some ‘heroes of ATO.’ And if they are caught, Avakov’s ‘cops’ will certainly let go the ‘patriots’ because they wouldn’t want to mess with heavily armed fighters and wroth executives. Or Ukrainian judges, who fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, will do it.

The third problem is inaction of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. I would say that this is not inaction but inability to impose law and order in their respective cities. Just look at the professionalism of the Ukrainian police and make the obvious conclusion about their dilettantism.

Another argument in favour of confirmation of law enforcement’s banditry and helplessness: the shooting takes place in public transport in Odessa. Let me remind you that South Palmyra (the informal name of Odessa – Ed.) – it is the most protected city of Ukrainian authorities. Ukrainian authorities consider its loss, like the loss of Kharkov, a strategic defeat in the struggle for existence.

There’s no need to be a prophet to understand that the situation, when the feudal armies of oligarchs act in favour of the financial interests of their owners, and they are not opposed by the official law enforcement agencies, while anarchy is happening on the streets of the country, will end up with the collapse of not only the regime but also the entire country. The amount of negative phenomena, multiplied by Russophobic motives, risks to turn into an uncontrollable chaos in the entire territory which is under the control of Ukraine. And as we know, the civil wars, especially of such a scale, are merciless and bloodthirsty.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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