#Official Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on information support of some events in territory of former Ukraine

Recently political discussions in the blogosphere are often at odds with reality. I’m sure that customers of various provocations prepare the information field for a specific event in advance. At the same time the true goal is not announced, and media platforms tend to run information accusing the enemy.

For example, last autumn Ukrainian radicals committed undermining of the power transmission line which supplied electricity to the Republic of Crimea. This attack was coordinated with the Ukrainian leadership, the Neo-Nazi group led by Chubarov and Dzhemilev did not hide this fact, ostentatiously preventing repairmen to the place of event. Even then, these ‘luminaries’ did not conceal that the aim was the energy blockade of Crimea. There was a hidden hope that it will be possible to include the issue of Crimea’s ownership in the Minsk process. Was it something that losers of the the Majlis bribed Poroshenko with? However, the ‘action’ turned out to be unsuccessful for the performers, customers and patrons, as the Crimea became energetically independent, and a regular platform with the question of Crimea’s belonging to Russia was not created, the Ukrainian economy has suffered significant losses, Majlis is banned in Russia. As they say, “that aside, beautiful marquise, all is good, all is good….”

This time, with the goal leading to the isolation of Crimea, and more precisely to the breakdown of the holiday season, the Ukrainian authorities have again used the services gangs controlled by neo-Nazi and committed provocation, resulting in the death of an employee of the Russian Federation’ FSS, and the entrance of people and vehicles in Crimea was suspended. Now the goal is not announced, but from the lips of ‘guardians of law and order’, who regularly violate this very right, you can hear the tune.

Of course, the Ukrainian authorities have studied the manuals for information warfare, but in the eyes of their supervisors, they still look shabby, because the execution is poor. What a difference: the one has joggled a test tube in the UN Security Council – and Iraq is under the American regime up to this day!

In my opinion, while studying of a particular event, everyone has the right to choose the search of sources of information, especially in this era of the Internet. But sometimes, for specific global targets, it is necessary to restrict the public from ‘unreliable’ sources, otherwise society will begin to draw conclusions on their own, but this is not a part of customers and performers’ plans. And when it comes to such large-scale restrictions applicable to millions of people, such regulation occurs at the state level. Lazy or inept participants are limited to the old-fashioned broadcasting. But advanced users will certainly examine the situation with a philosophical approach.

It is worth noting that the most vivid impressions are borne in mind after the events that the one managed to survive personally. That is why the Ukrainian government does not want Ukrainians to visit Crimea. And that is why the residents of Donbass since the beginning of 2014 no longer draw false information from the Ukrainian media. But at that time armed aggression on the part of Ukraine was accompanied by blatant hackwork: the airstrike in Lugansk was presented as the explosion of the air conditioner, and in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa people burned themselves.

Now, information product released by Stets’s Ministry has significantly improved. But Ukrainian propaganda will always have flaws, as it was originally built on hatred, lies and contradictions. Various bloggers regularly talk about this in the information space, and the most popular ones are gaining millions of views on exposing materials.

Ukrainian bot factory manages to turn into ‘traitors’ their own ‘national heroes’ like Savchenko. And if someone finds oneself in the stop-list, total control over all the media will make sure that the next ‘patriot’ will become either forgotten or denigrated without the right of protection. From this we can conclude that total dictatorship that came to Ukrainian information space will not allow combining efforts of those displeased with the authorities. Also, this situation is controlled by the punitive organs represented by the Ukrainian Security Service.

In the light of such processes it would be desirable to support people experiencing the hope that Neo-Nazi oligarchic regime in Ukraine will be liquidated. Corruption, as Alexander Lukashenko said, is rust. The process of self-destruction of the Ukrainian state is in action. Oligarchs eat each other, because they can enter neither Russia, nor the EU. And all this chaos there has a customer who is directing and sponsoring this performance.

At unnecessary investments and the absence of concrete results, Uncle Sam, as well as his vassals, will certainly reconsider the concept of investing in a project called “Ukraine” after the approval of a new strategy. Would you invest or store grain in a rusty and rotten barn? What will happen to your investments? It may be easier to demolish it, disinfect the area and build a new one that will suit everyone – both residents and neighbours. This means that we need to watch the informational space outside the former Ukrainian carefully and draw appropriate conclusions.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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