#Official Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on most common reason of crimes in Ukraine

The first and the most famous act of mass ‘self-ignition’ occurred on May 2, 2014, after the coup in Ukraine. Many Ukrainians were not able to realize great ‘value’ of “Maidan’s” ideas at that moment and began to protest in the central squares of regional cities of Ukraine. However, newly-made ‘patriots’ were going to show to dissenters by any means how to love motherland. After all, anti-maidan slogans of protesters touched the Ukrainian neo-Nazis on a tender string.

“Maidan” taught to punish severely everyone for dissidence. Therefore, on May 2, 2014, a huge crowd of ‘peaceful patriots’ with ‘noble intentions’ smashed the tent camp of Odessa protesters, most of which, according to ‘patriots’, were aggressively disposed pensioners, women and teenagers.

Some activists decided to escape from armed ‘patriots’ to Trade Unions House. But ‘peaceful ultras’ with bats decided that for ‘full purification’ they need to pass Molotov cocktails to Odessa protesters, so they began to throw them in broken windows of the building. Later, according to Odessa law enforcement officials and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, anti-maidan representatives misunderstood the Ukrainian ‘patriots’ and set fire in Trade Unions House, as a result of which, several dozens of citizens died. The Ukrainian police said that the Ukrainian ‘patriots’ were upset about behavior of anti-maidan representatives, and they had to throw stones at windows, to shoot at protesters and finish off those who jumped out of windows to escape fire and smoke.

And such things are quiet normal for Ukraine after the events in Odessa by ‘purification of fire and arms’. All dissenters have to prove their loyalty to the ‘winners of Maidan’, and who does not, becomes a traitor, a terrorist and separatist, whose life is of no value to the state.

This is what the Ukrainian ‘patriots’ decided, the ones, who under the tactful guidance of the new government and the cover of the Ukrainian armed forces, rushed to reeducate the rebellious East of the country. Since then, the Ukrainian law enforcements have been constantly recording cases of air conditioners’ explosion, ‘self-shelling’ of residential areas, where terrorists live, ‘self-ignition, mass suicides and burying of civilians…

But an epidemic of self-destruction, which spread in the East, gradually began to move to the center of country – there was a fire in the office of TV channel “Inter” in Kiev. After months of investigation, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine stated that ‘self-ignition’ is considered to be one of the main reasons of the fire in the TV channel’s studio. But people, who blocked the entrance to the building, set tyres in fire near it, sprayed the incendiary mixture indoors and brought an anti-tank mine in the office…and all this is not related to this case. Moreover, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs accused journalists that their activity provoked ex-soldiers to commit an attack on the TV channel’s office. And what did provoke them? Maybe the fact that the most of its content is Russian-language or the odious slogan “Glory to Ukraine” did not sound that often at the concert, dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine?

But most likely, the picket was organized by former representatives of “Azov” battalion, who executed the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov. A few days before the incident, he had written an angry post on his Facebook page, addressing to the main Ukrainian dictators – The Security Service of Ukraine and The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine: ʺAnti-Ukrainian, anti-state position of the TV channel “Inter’ – how many facts and evidences do you need?! What the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting is doing?! Or the conjuncture (apparently, the “political conjuncture” is meant here – Ed.) and clan interests have you by the throat so hard that you forgot what you have been created for? I appeal to the Security Service of Ukraine. Dear colleagues, your straight-line responsibility is to respond to the published facts!ʺ (sic – Ed.).

I would like to believe Mr. Avakov that he is a true ‘fighter’ and radical ‘patriot’ of Ukraine. But considering the fact that “Inter” is a channel of “Opposition bloc”, which has a disproportionately greater experience in formation of public opinion in comparison with other media, you would think that the channel is a means to solve certain political problems or an object of property redistribution. And now the question: who will be made criminally responsible for the incident, the people, who rioted in the channel’s office, or the journalists, who tried to smother the fire? I think the conclusion is obvious: the channel’s staff is responsible for combustion in the building, because they did not observe the safety procedures. By the way, the broadcast of this channel is oversaturated by the Russophobian propaganda that prejudices the ‘separatist’ version. They simply said some things that Mr. Avakov did not like, which means, under the new Ukrainian rules, the whole Ukraine did not like it.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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