#Official Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on peculiarities of election campaign in US

Each time the American elections are becoming more original. No one is surprised that fewer voters may choose a larger number of electors who will eventually choose the US president, as it was with George Bush Jr. in 2000. Perhaps the fact that the presidential race may affect other powers in the United States soon will not be a surprise as well.

Recent debates candidates for the US presidency between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump stuck in memory due to the accusations that each of them, no more, no less, is a “puppet of Putin.”

Live on television politicians publicly accused each other of almost treason, although the debate began peacefully enough. Hillary Clinton said, “It’s so obvious, he (Putin – Ed.) wants to use you as a puppet as the President of the United States.” Trump retorted that he personally does not know Putin, but would like to interact with him. He also explained the meaning of the attacks on the President of Russia on the part of the Democrats that “our country is beaten by Putin, Assad, and, by the way, Iran. No one can believe how stupid our leadership is.” In conclusion, he added: “It’s you a puppet.”

For America, this is incredibly! This has never happened in the history of the United States: the candidates have accused opponents of that they are a puppet of a foreign power’s leader, which in combination also is the most likely opponent. It remains to call the rival candidate ‘Putin’s agent’, and the United States can be renamed in Ukraine.

According to a survey by CNN and the research service ORC, in the final third round 52% of respondents voted for the representative of the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton, while Republican Donald Trump made it to only 39% of respondents. Trump won in the polls organized by Republicans.

Nevertheless, the election campaign will be over, and elections will be held in the US. Whoever is going to be elected American voters – it is their business. The rest of the world will take that choice and will build a relationship with the new owner of the White House. But this presidential race will be well remembered by many.

America has always liked to go before the world at its best. In the time of Abraham Lincoln the United States were “the last, the best hope of the Earth”, in the time of Ronald Reagan – “the shining city on a hill.” Hillary Clinton wants to see the United States an exceptional and indispensable country. This exclusivity gives America the right to be a voyeur of the world, of course, unipolar. “We must continue,” says Clinton, “to remain the leader in the world. Because when America cannot fulfill the role of leader, we leave behind a vacuum that gives an opportunity extremism to take root, emboldens our enemies and deprives our friends of courage.”

Against the background of such a statement the very presidential race looks like ties that discredit America. Candidates from both Democrats and Republicans, as expected, talked about jobs, taxes, the Supreme Court, the fight against terrorism, the prosperity of America – in short, about all the things that any candidates for US presidency talk about on any TV debates. But candidates have never before beaten each other so much below the belt.

The impression is that, besides mutual dirt throwing in the spirit of spy mania and sexism, the candidates for the presidential seat have nothing to beat the arguments of the opponent with. Trump blamed Clinton on the failed policy in the Middle East, because at that time she was the Secretary of State at the President Obama. And Clinton responded with the accusations of Trump of contempt for women, racism, tax evasion and teaming up with Putin, who allegedly authorized the hacker attacks on US political organizations and institutions, as well as the accounts of private individuals.

The WikiLeaks portal, which has published 17 pieces of correspondence of John Podesta – the head of the electoral campaign of Hillary Clinton, added fuel to the fire of the presidential race. The letters are very interesting, and they show nasty character of Clinton, her collaboration with the outrageous financier George Soros, lobbyists from Wall Street and an unhealthy obsession of her main political scientist with hunting for UFOs.

However, the apex of mutual ‘dirt throwing’ were the fears of at first Republican Trump, and then the Democrat Clinton, that in the United States, in this world centre of democracy, fraud during the vote count is possible. “Honestly, I’m afraid,” said Trump, “that the results of the elections will be rigged… I think we will win this election, but they may be dishonest.” And if this is so, Trump did not promise to recognize their results. At first Clinton and Obama made fun of Trump, but soon even the headquarters of Democrats have expressed concern that voting machines can be specially configured in favour of a candidate from the Republicans. And no other than Russia will do it.

The fact that the US authorities officially banned the Russian diplomats to observe the presidential elections and even threatened them with criminal prosecution also speaks of the future ‘fraud’. It is no coincidence that the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova described the campaign as follows: “There are so many important things in the world, in which the role of the United States should be constructive, in the very United States there are many questions that require truly rapid response and global solutions, that I consider it unworthy of a great power to reduce this public squabble (between the US presidential candidates) with respect to Russia and, excuse me, to some jokes absolutely below the belt.”

The election race in the United States in 2016 in addition to using very dirty methods of struggle will be remembered around the world with three things. Firstly, with the fact that in supposedly the most powerful country, during the presidential election, election of a puppet of the less powerful country’s leader is possible. Secondly, with the fact that the manipulation of the results of the free will of its citizens in an oasis of democracy may also take place. Thirdly, with the fact that in the entire history of the “shining city on a hill” not its greatness, but the greatness of another state, in this case Russia, has become the main trend of the election campaign. The American elections became extremely very original…

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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