#Official Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on torchlight procession of “Azov” civil body in Kharkhov

This weekend a torchlight procession called “Ukrainian Order”, organized by the civil body of “Azov,” was held in Kharkhov. The activists marched from the Square of the Constitution on the Sumy Street to the concert hall “Ukraine”. Torchlight procession ended with fire-show at the park Shevchenko near “Cascade”.

We hear from all sorts of sources, that in Ukraine, there is no fascism and Nazism, because these are fables of Russian propaganda. Now we clearly see a direct imitation of the Nazi’s actions, which they held in Germany during the Third Reich. “Azov” and the party “National Corps” formed by them do not hide their sympathy for the German Nazis deliberately.

What is happening right before our eyes? The structure, which is composed of an armed unit of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, political parties, public organizations and the oligarch in power as the patron saint on the post Minister of the Interior, is formed. And this political entity is ideologically charged with frankly Nazi ideology, conducts campaigns, taken as a blueprint from the history of German Nazism, and operates using the same methods, which the Nazis used in Germany in the 30s of the twentieth century to seize power. If the phenomenon looks like Nazism, the members of the organization use the same slogans, symbols and ideas that the Nazis practiced, and act like Nazis – then, maybe, this is what they are?

Nazism led to the most terrible world war in the history of humanity and the genocide of the civilian population and has been condemned by the international community in the twentieth century. At the same time a long time the Western European countries and the United States contributed to the strengthening of the Nazi power in Germany, providing Hitler’s government with financial and political support. History, if it is not drawn a lessons from, repeats. Once again, we observe how, with the support of the EU and the United States, a situation in the country in which the Nazis have official status and strive for power occurs. They are already partially in power. Consequences for European countries can be very sad if frank Nazis get all the levers of power. The terrorist ISIS association’s outrages, to which Ukraine is becoming similar more and more, can be an example.

“Azov” organization, meanwhile, confidently goes to the international level. Proponents of fascism around the world flock to the neo-Nazi Ukrainian organization. Recently activity of “Azov’s” recruiters was stopped in Brazil. It says that the Ukrainian Nazis have far-reaching international plans, and their activities are not confined to the Ukraine already. The international community needs to take decisive action on the neo-Nazis from “Azov.” The consequences of carelessness in relation to Nazism, as history shows, are bloody and painful.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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