#Official Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on UN`s response to violation of human rights by Ukraine

It was reported at the UN on torture in Ukrainian prisons. Thus, the British newspaper The Times, with reference to UN Assistant Secretary-General for human rights, Ivan Shimonovich, wrote that the SBU carries out mass arrests of supporters of the Donbass militia and systematically tortures them. It is also noted in the material that “disrespect for human rights” that Kiev shows has taken root and become systematic.

The very fact that such an article appeared on the pages of one of the leading Western European newspapers, unfortunately, suggests that the level of torture and violation of human rights in Ukraine has become really egregious. Even European backers of Kiev were unable to pass it over in silence, as they used to.

And now, great responsibility for life, health and fate of political prisoners in Ukraine rests with the UN and the European Union countries in particular and especially with France and Germany as the guarantors of the Minsk agreements. If they only note this fact but do not take strong measures towards Kiev, down to sanctions and the international court, it will be regarded as demonstration of the policy of permissiveness and encouragement of torture for Ukraine`s criminal regime.

We already saw how entire states had been destroyed by military means on the charge of (even without trials and investigation!) violation of human rights and norms of democracy: their capitals had been razed to the ground by hundreds of bombers, and their leaders had been brutally dealt with. According to this logic of behaviour, what should be done with the Ukrainian regime, the Trade Unions House in Odessa alone being enough for the tribunal? But it was before the full-scale hostilities!

Bad experience of other conflicts has already shown that double standard with regard to human rights is a normal policy for some states. But to eliminate this problem, an extensive staff of various observers, inspectors and advisors work in the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and non-governmental human rights organizations. It`s hard to believe that they are not able to make Kiev to tone down state terror, even in spite of the attempts of Ukrainian law enforcement officers to prevent inspections. Rather, it is a matter of perseverance and conscientiousness. Let’s hope that Mr. Shimonovich`s statements are just demonstration of these qualities.

Resistance to UN international observers offered by SBU officers testifies not to the compliance with their own security measures but rather to the wish to hide the crime, as they presented it. The UN should be more persistent, even despite a recommendatory nature of its resolutions. Sooner or later, the Ukrainian regime will face the tribunal. And if a great number of crimes, human rights defenders have not noticed (and it will be so), the question of the UN effectiveness may become dangerously tense.

Vladimir Bidyovka, People`s Council Deputy

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