#Official Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on world’s rejection of American version of democracy

ʺThe guard is tired,ʺ the sailor Zheleznyakov said in January 1918 to the Constituent Assembly and dissolved people’s deputies. ʺThe world is tired,ʺ European countries said in 2016 and began to bring slowly the global dominance of the US to nothing. The first step was the Brexit, The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, and the next one is a number of elections held in several European countries, in particular, in Austria, Bulgaria and Moldova.

The period of the US global dominance, which has lasted for a quarter of a century, is coming to an end. And it does not end with another world war, which was intended by its organizers to extend the American hegemony for another few decades. Of course, some political experts say that there is the world war going on, but it includes numerous local conflicts rather than a single campaign.

Nevertheless, America is tired too. ʺAmericans are tired, they are tired of wars, which begin with loud sound of trumpets, and it is difficult (sometimes even impossible) to emerge from them. They are tired of sending troops all over the world under the pretext of waging “a war for democracy’. They are tired of fighting for others and, probably, they have already realized that local armies trained to continue wars instead of the American forces do not carry them on at all,ʺ ʺInoSMI” quoted Michele Marsonet.

But if America is tired of its own burden, the whole world is tired of America, of its obsessive desire to establish a worldwide pro-American regime and, for some reason, America calls it a democracy. Congratulating MSIIR students on the beginning of the new academic year, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that there were obstacles on the way towards a multipolar world, which “stem from the desire of our Western partners to maintain their global dominance… They claim to own “the monopoly on the truth” and use, as a rule, a wide range of mostly illegitimate coercion methods”.

The Moscow State University Professor, member of the Scientific Council under the Security Council of the Russian Federation Andrey Manoylo wrote that “there is a growing irritation with coarse methods with the help of which the US claims to be superior in world politicsʺ. And America behaves itself in a presumptuous manner towards not only so-called third world countries, but also towards its closest NATO allies such as France, Italy and Germany. Americans eavesdrop shamelessly on telephone conversations of Europeans leaders, wring their hands and force them to impose disastrous for economies of their countries anti-Russian sanctions.

The world is very tired and slowly began to rebel. The British were the first who rebelled by its withdrawal from the EU. As always, they distinguished themselves by their famous British originality. The Brexit was the UK’s protest against the unification of the EU, but in fact the UK protested against the American global unification manifested in the European Union.

The foundation has been laid. European nations realize that their destiny is not in Washington’s hands, but in their own. The reaction of Western Europeans to the American pressure, the American unification is always the reaction of the rights.

Thus, the Constitutional Court of Austria made the unprecedented decision to cancel the results of the presidential elections. ʺThe countries’ authorities will need to re-hold the second round of the elections with the same candidates – 72 years old former leader of the Green Party Alexander Van der Bellen and 45 years old engineer, Member of Parliament and candidate of the right-wing nationalist party Norbert Hoferʺ.

Marine Le Pen has a good chance to turn France right. The current French President Hollande has no chance for re-election. The same chance to win has the German Chancellor Merkel. Her main competitor Sahra Wagenknecht, a representative of the Left Party in Germany, but it is likely that the Germans as well as the French will choose the right side.

At the same time, Socialists Igor Dodon (Socialist Party) and Rumen Radev (Bulgarian Socialist Party) won the presidential elections and who are more pro-Moldovan and pro-Bulgarian politicians than pro-Russian, but who advocate for a constructive relationship with Russia.

Member of Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation Franz Klintsevich said: ʺIn my opinion, the success of Rumen Radev and Igor Dodon fits into the trend, which is indicated by the results of the referendum in the UK and the presidential elections in the US, and it is, so to speak, their continuationʺ.

In fact, the Americans themselves clearly stated during the presidential elections on November 8, 2016, that the unipolar era had come to an end. The Trump’s victory has shown that the US is not willing to continue playing a global leadership role, because it is not worth efforts. Of course, it does not mean that the US will step aside. This country has a wide range of soft and hard power. But the general trend is that ʺWashington start to send signals that reflect a new political balance in the country, responsibility for the stability of the international system should be delegated to a wider group of countries. The world is tired of the American domination.

The world is changing under our own eyes. More and more countries want to decide their own destiny. American ‘recipes of happiness’ are too expensive. The sooner countries realize it, the easier it will be to give up the American version of democracy.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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