Official Kiev defiantly ignores issue of prisoner exchange – Olga Makeeva

On July 26, 2016, a live broadcast within the project “The Main Issue” was held  on the radio “Kometa” with the participation of Deputy Chairman of the DPR People`s Council Olga Makeeva and well-known Donetsk journalist Elena Blokha. The main topic of conversation was the non-fulfillment of Ukraine’s commitments to exchange persons who are illegally detained.

During the live broadcast, Olga Makeeva commented on the facts illustrating absolute unwillingness of Ukrainian authorities to solve the problem of exchange of war and political prisoners and civilians who are illegally detained and not related to the armed conflict. “Unfortunately, Ukraine does not implement at all either the 6th Article of the Package of measures or others. And I have to note the fact that for many months, we haven`t made any progress in dealing with the issue of prisoner exchange. Official Kiev defiantly ignores this topic. Moreover, at the last meeting of the Contact Group, when the issue of missing persons was discussed, the Ukrainian side was absent at all”, the Vice-Speaker of the DPR Parliament stated.

Deputy Olga Makeeva noted that, in spite of gross violations of all international and ethical standards and laws by the Ukrainian side, the Donetsk People’s Republic is always ready to exchange Ukrainian prisoners of war according to the formula “all for all”, provided for under the Minsk agreements.

“All prisoners of war who are in the territory of the DPR, were detained on the battlefield with guns in their hands. All these people are kept in the same place, we know their number exactly and give their families the opportunity to meet with them”, Olga Makeeva explained.

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