#Official Сommentary of Miroslav Rudenko on double standards of US policy

In pursuit to achieve world supremacy, the US persistently tries to prove its exceptional leadership, not neglecting to use even low methods of struggle. The application of double standard’s policy has become a sort of USA’s ‘feature’, and the opinion, that this situation is absolutely normal, is actively suggested to less influent players in the geopolitical arena.

Of course, a possibility to turn the situation to its advantage plays an extremely important, I would say, pivotal role for the US. No matter how they tried to show their ‘good intentions’ to the world, a violence, aggression and terror are always behind it: the American authority is not used to and do not want to act peacefully. That is why, enjoying its status, the US turns black into white masterfully, pitches the idea of craving for peace as war inducement, as if it unintentionally forgot about its own crimes.

Realizing that the main opponent, Russia, finds more and more support and consolidates its position in the world every day, the American establishment is bending over backwards to prevent its leadership. Feeling the loss of its influence, the US frantically carries out different kinds of provocations against Russia, which does not respond to them.

A striking example of the application of the US double standards is the situation in Syria. The US’s position lies in that all its actions in military terms should be beyond criticism. The reason is not the international law, but because the US is allegedly good, which means everything it does is right. It is obvious that the Russian military could turn the tide. The US’s fight against terrorists did not just give any results, but, on the contrary, it has caused a feeling that the US cooperated with them.

It turns out that Russia began to open eyes to what is happening around the world which does not correspond to the US policy in Syria. The US could not allow it to happen, that is why it started to push the idea “Russia is the aggressor”.

By the way, a similar situation is happening in Ukraine. We all can see how the US promotes its interests and imposes an opinion with the help of its people. Some Ukrainian politicians force the Ukrainians to break a tie of centuries-old relationship with Russia, threatening with “Russian threat”. The whole situation in Ukraine is a one big provocation, when the Americans say about the Russian ‘aggression’, while they conduct military exercises on the Ukrainian landfills.

The US acts as ‘its position is right’, but a lot of questions arise about its rightness. Let’s recall the situation with the ‘disarmament’ of the American ship, when the Iranian “mosquito fleet” had to ‘board’ it without any shot. Or the incident in the Persian Gulf, when the Iranian boats of “Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution” did not allow the American torpedo vessel, which was in the immediate vicinity to the Iranian coast, to dominate over Strait of Ormuz. Both times, the White House announced the “monstrous provocation”.

This brings up the question why the military ship was so close? Why are the action of the US taken for granted and who is a provocateur?

The US politicians play a risky game, hoping that they will be able to manipulate the opinions and convince the world of their rightness. However, the policy of double standards will surely fail, and, eventually, it will frustrate the American hope for Washington-run world order.

Miroslav Rudenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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