#Official Сommentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on Ukraine’s leadership in ranking of countries on corruption extent in business

Poroshenko was able to effectively take his country into world leaders… on corruption in business. This is evidenced by the data of an international study conducted and published by the agency Ernst & Young. Earlier, the European Court of Auditors presented the ‘independent’ laurels of the most corrupt country.

The closest rival countries will have to try very hard to push Ukraine from the first place, because there the level of corruption is recorded at 88%! I am sure that this figure is not the limit. If you press (the people), then you can reach 100%. By the way, last year this figure was 80%. That’s where the growth indicators come from, not from boring statistics on GDP growth, gold reserves or the population.

Nevertheless, the state of Ukraine has a lot of work in other areas too. It is unlikely that the country of the victorious “Maidan” arranges the third place among the most ‘unfortunate’ countries of the world, as reported by the American Institute of Public Opinion (Gallup Institute). But in this rating there is a decent stock, since at the moment 41% of Ukrainians are in distress.

I want to draw attention of the world’s research agencies to Ukraine. If the ratings are objective, then it will, too, take the first place in assessing violations of human rights, rampant crime and lawlessness, living standards of the population, illegal business, etc. And in a separate top-list I propose to include those pseudo-leaders who brought the country to such a disgraceful leadership. Here Poroshenko & Co. are second to none.

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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