Oleg Onopko: Considering Ukrainian political traditions, usurpation of power by new ruling forces is expected

The formation of a one-party majority is not only a unique case for the political history of Ukraine, but also a serious test for the regime and the state system as a whole. Under these conditions, the party that won the elections will certainly have a desire to hold the full power in parliament in its hands, to form the government individually.

Of course, considering the Ukrainian political traditions, we can expect the new ruling forces to usurp power in certain areas of state policy: in the sphere of budget formation and distribution, as well as in the sphere of defence and security.

At the same time, the victory in the elections is already beginning to create the illusion of permissiveness. This is evidenced by the ambiguous statements of Dmitry Razumkov, which contradict both the Minsk agreements (regarding the status of the Russian language and amnesty part), and partly democratic values as a whole (in terms of taking into account the opinion of the opposition and its contacts with Russia’s representatives).

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