Oleg Onopko: Kiev imitates implementation of Minsk agreements

Any law adopted by Kiev and regarding the Republics should be harmonized with Donetsk and Lugansk. This was stated by Deputy of the Donetsk People’s Republic Oleg Onopko in an interview to RIA Novosti.

ʺUkraine’s power once again only imitates actions aimed at the peaceful settlement of the armed conflict in Donbass, avoiding the implementation of the Package of Measures to implement the Minsk agreements.

So-called ‘laws on amnesty’ adopted by Kiev unilaterally are illegitimate and contradict the Minsk agreements. I am convinced that this is another step of Ukraine’s power aimed at dragging out the conflict and sabotaging efforts to resolve it, as well as a strong proof of its inability to negotiate,ʺ Oleg Onopko said.

Also, the deputy mentioned that the fifth paragraph of the Package of Measures provided “clemency and amnesty through the enactment of the law that prohibited prosecution of people in connection with the events in Donbass”, which meant that representatives of the DPR and LPR could not be held accountable for protecting their freedoms.

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