Oleg Onopko: There is political order behind falsification of evidence in MH-17 case

The statement of the Netherlands’ Public Prosecutor’s Office on a case of the Malaysian Boeing’s crash in Donbass is another act of information war, which is pursued by certain Western countries and Ukraine against Russia and Donbass. This was stated by the Deputy of the People’s Council Oleg Onopko in an interview to RIA Novosti.

ʺAccusations are nothing more than another manifestation of an anti-Russian post-truth policy in a ‘highly likely’ style. An evidentiary basis is taken from unverified sources, such as photos from social media. Meanwhile, there is no objective evidence, but emphasis is always placed on emotions and it comes down to irrational Russophobia.

It should be reminded that representatives of the Joint investigation team represented remaining numbers on the fragments of a 9M38 missile that consisted two parts, as evidence. The first part is the item identification of a sub-component. For instance, 9D131 is the designation of a missile engine, and 9D131 05 000 is a code for a nozzle cluster. The second part is a unique serial number that allows you to identify each sub-component of a product. The code for the engine is No. 8869032 and No.830113 is for the rocket nozzle. According to the serial numbers of the nozzle and the engine of the missile, as well as according to fingerprints, experts from the Joint investigation team identified the number of an anti-aircraft missile “Buk”, which was No. 8868720. According to the Russian investigation, the missile with this number was in operational service in the 223th surface to air-missile regiment in Terebovlya, which had been involved in “ATO” on the territory of the DPR and the LPR since 2014. A number of audio recordings of radio intercepts were also presented, which indirectly showed the involvement of the Ukrainian side in the crash of MH-17. However, this evidence was completely ignored by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Netherlands,ʺ the deputy underlined.

The deputy added that the actions of the West are aimed primarily at discrediting the Russian Federation, Donetsk and the Lugansk People’s Republics.

ʺThere is an association with the case of Skripal, when the British authorities also unjustifiably accused Russia of attempted murder, followed by a grandiose campaign in the media. On this basis, a number of anti-Russian political decisions were adopted at the international level. Both then and now, we can see a political order behind the gross fabrication and falsification of evidence, but a desire to establish the true cause of the tragedy.

Once again, the investigation into the MH-17 case deliberately ignores the numerous evidence provided by the Russian side, as well as the testimonies of local residents. Instead, accusations based on generalities and abstract assumptions are made, which do not hold up to close scrutiny. The goal of this campaign is to discredit Russia, the Donetsk and the Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as people, who support the struggle of the people of Donbass for self-determination,ʺ Oleg Onopko summed up.

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