Oleg Onopko: Ukraine keeps blaming Russia for all its problems

Zelensky is trying to wage an information war against Russia by proxy, states a comment of People’s Council MP Oleg Onopko to the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

“Urging to abandon the ‘manipulations, speculations and conspiracy theories’ around what happened in Iran, President Zelensky is unable to make even his own subordinates to meet his demands.

The NSDC Secretary Danilov announces four immediate versions of the causes of the crash, including a mythical ‘Russian connection’. Such behaviour can be considered either as an attempt to once again feed on human tragedy, or as an act of information war against Russia, in which the Ukrainian president allegedly does not participate.

I find the latter option to be the most likely to me. Just like under President Poroshenko, Ukraine keeps blaming Russia and the Russian people for all its problems. At that, Zelensky is definitely trying to wage an information war against Russia by proxy. Under these conditions, any ‘investigation’ serves solely as an argument for strengthening Kiev’s anti-Russian rhetoric. And if in the case of the Iranian plane they are carried out in the same way as the ‘investigation’ of the MH-17 tragedy, we shall anticipate another groundless accusations, a river of lies and propaganda,” Oleg Onopko commented.

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