Oleg Onopko: Ukraine’s president shows extent of his cynicism

The NSDC (National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine) project for the deportation of the Donbass population exacerbates the gap between Kiev and Donetsk, People’s Council deputy Oleg Onopko stated in a comment for the official website of the DPR.

“All the horror of the situation is that this idea was born in a country whose ancestors selflessly fought Nazism.

In six months of his ruling, Vladimir Zelensky has shown the full extent of his hypocrisy and cynicism. He and his regime are no different from their predecessors, who were interested in Donbass as solely a territory. And if Kiev wants to establish relations with the People’s Republics, then forced Ukrainization is clearly the wrong way to implement its plans. Donbass will never be able to accept Ukrainian nationalism, neither one which left a terrible imprint in history, nor modern.

We made a choice five years ago, and now we associate our future only with the Russian Federation where there is no infringement on a national, religious or other basis and each people have the right to develop their culture and preserve historical values,” Oleg Onopko said.

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