Oleg Onopko: Ukrainian power has no political will to advance issue of separating forces in Donbass

Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Oleg Onopko commented on a statement made by the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky about a possible separation of forces and means at new areas of the line of contact in Donbass in an interview to the information agency RIA FAN.

ʺThe President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has announced a new separation of forces in Donbass. This is an example of striking cynicism, which is peculiar to the Ukrainian power. Moreover, considering the fact that Zelensky himself presented government awards to Ukrainian artillerymen a few days earlier, who shell the territory of the Republic and are responsible for the deaths of people and destruction of civil infrastructure.

To this date, it is the Ukrainian side that has ignored all the proposals of the Republics to separate forces and means at the line of contact. This very issue has no progress in Minsk, and the Ukrainian side alters its position multiple times over the course of negotiations,ʺ the parliamentarian said.

Oleg Onopko stressed that the Ukrainian side had no political will to constructively advance the issue of separating forces.

ʺIn the scheme of things, right-wing radical groups decide everything on the Ukrainian side. Zelensky can announce a separation of forces as many times as he wants. But until Kiev does not make its radicals obey orders, these separations will be only populist statements at best. And judging by the fact that despite the numerous armistices and agreements to cease fire, the number of provocations by the Ukrainian side has not reduced, the hope that Zelensky will be able to make the armed forces of Ukraine to cease fire is long gone,ʺ the deputy summed up.

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