Oleg Onopko: Zelensky is ready to wipe people out in Donbass

People’s Council MP Oleg Onopko provided his commentary for the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic about the document on Kiev’s new approaches to reintegration of Donbass.

“On the one hand, such news is one of the tools of the information war, and our opponents, not being shy with the means, use every opportunity so that the confrontation does not cease.

On the other hand, given that over the course of five years Kiev has deceived us so many times, twisted and turned the facts so much, we won’t be surprised that the Ukrainian security forces are capable of creating and implementing such a document. Zelensky once again demonstrates that he is ready to wipe people out in Donbass completely. All his steps are proof of him being interest solely in assets, but not in people. This is what the last document denotes especially.

Now we can safely say that Ukrainian nationalism knows no bounds in its cruelty, and Zelensky’s team does nothing to stop this chaos,” Oleg Onopko said.

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