Olga Makeyeva: Missiles burst in Donbass, while in Ukraine there is battle for children’s souls and minds

The education system in the Republic should correspond to the challenges of the present, Olga Makeyeva, Deputy Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, told Donetsk News Agency.

“While missiles are bursting in the Donbas, in Ukraine the war goes on for souls and minds, especially in the sphere of education. They are battling science and progress aggressively and openly. On the territory of Ukraine there is no need for intelligence, smart and progressive people are not needed, they need future service personnel,” Olga Makeyeva said.

She also stressed that in Ukraine, in the so-called basic schools, much attention is paid to political propaganda, but at the same time a minimum of knowledge is given.

“For our part, we must learn not to catch up, but to keep up with the time, ideally to understand what awaits us tomorrow, and be able to anticipate the situation,” the vice-speaker said.

We shall add that since 2014 in Ukraine, the number of higher education institutions has been reduced from 802 to 317, while that of general education schools has been reduced by 5%, and state allocations for training specialists have been reduced.

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