One step closer to peaceful life: Sergey Zavdoveyev comments on reduction of curfew hours in DPR

Law enforcement agencies have increased security measures due to the reduction of curfew hours. This was stated by the DPR People’s Council deputy Sergey Zavdoveyev in a programme “Important Subject” on a radio station “Comet”.

ʺThe war is not over and the Ukrainian sabotage groups continue to infiltrate the territory of the Republic and conduct disruptive activities. There is a volatile situation along the line of contact: residential houses, substations are under the AFU’s fire, there are casualties among peaceful population. And the primary task of the Republic’s leadership is to ensure a prompt response to such provocations, law and order, integrated safety and security.

The reduction of curfew hours is another step towards a peaceful life. Our people deserve to live a normal life, work and rest. At the same time, law enforcement agencies have increased control over the security situation in the Republic, patrolling and security measures along the line of contact in order to prevent provocations,ʺ Sergey Zavdoveyev said.

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