Parliament Speaker Vladimir Bidyovka congratulates pupils of one of capital’s schools on school year end

On May 24, in the Specialized School No. 95 of the city of Donetsk municipal educational institution, a solemn school assembly was held, dedicated to the end of the school year. The event was attended by DPR People’s Council Chairman Vladimir Bidyovka and deputy of the People’s Council Alla Obolenskaya.

In his speech, the Speaker of the Parliament wished the graduates to confidently go towards their goal without fear of obstacles on their way.

“This day is important for each of you: younger children are looking forward to the beginning of summer holidays, graduates are preparing for a new stage – entering higher education institutions, and teachers are already starting to miss their wonderful students. With trepidation, everyone is waiting for the farewell bell, which will bring something new to your life.

At my own time, I was also a student of this school, therefore today it is especially vital for me to be here and share with you joy and excitement. The moment of graduation from school is always exciting, because you will begin a new adult life really soon. It is crucial to understand exactly what each of you really does like. Regardless of what you decide to do in the future, know that you are not alone – our government supports youth and their initiatives.

Do remember that in the Donetsk People’s Republic all the doors are open for you, so go ahead, learn, strive! I am sure you will succeed!” Vladimir Bidyovka said.

The Chairman of the People’s Council presented a certificate for a free visit to the cinema for excellent students, winners of creative and intellectual contests.

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