Parliament Speaker Vladimir Bidyovka takes part in expanded meeting of Transport and Communications Committee regarding improvement of highway transport law

On June 13, an extended meeting of the Transport and Communications Committee was held, the topic of which was the discussion of proposals for amending the Law of the Donetsk People’s Republic “On Highway Transport”.

The event was attended People’s Council Chairman Vladimir Bidyovka, members of the Transport and Communications Committee, representatives of the Transport Ministry, information and dispatch services, as well as business entities engaged in transportation by taxi.

In his welcoming speech, the Speaker of Parliament recalled the importance of an open dialogue between the legislative branch of power and representatives of the field of expertise.

“First of all, I want to say that the discussion of the current legislation regarding the applicability and relevance of the current situation in the Republic is a correct and important initiative. Our state is constantly evolving and improving, new requests from society emerge, and this means that some of the rules can naturally lose their relevance.

Today on the agenda is the discussion of the Law of the Donetsk People’s Republic “On Highway Transport”, namely, the work of taxi transporters. Today, the Committee on Transport and Communications has information that transporters have a number of proposals to improve the current Law, therefore it is extremely important for us to learn firsthand about the essence of such initiatives. I believe that today we will be able to outline points of interaction on the topic of discussion and in the future to proceed to the development of appropriate amendments to the DPR Law “On Highway Transport”,” Vladimir Bidyovka said.

In his speech, the deputy chairman of the Transport and Communications Committee, Alexey Dorofeyev, expressed hope that joint work would improve the legislation in the field of transportation by taxi.

“Taxi is an essential attribute of modern life. A good service is characterized not only by the low price, but also by the politeness of the drivers and operators. And today I would like to talk about these problems, to listen to proposals for solving them at the level of legislative acts.

On November 9, 2018, the People’s Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic adopted the DPR Law “On Amendments to Specific Laws of the Donetsk People’s Republic Regulating Matters in the Field of Domestic Passenger Transportation by Taxi”, which cancelled the licensing of the provision of domestic transport services by taxi.

The proposals submitted for further improvement of legislation in the field of transportation by taxi from people who are directly involved in the provision of such services and who know this sphere from the inside like no one else will contribute to creating the necessary changes to the legislation,” the parliamentarian said.

At the end of the extended meeting, the chairman of the Committee, Alexander Bondarenko, thanked the representatives of the taxi transportation industry for the fruitful cooperation.

“Society plays an important role in the lawmaking process. I believe that a close relationship between the legislative and executive branches of government and the public will play a positive role, and today’s meeting confirms this.

The issues that have been raised today will be analyzed without fail, and appropriate decisions will be made on them. Discussions in this format are another step towards improving the legislative field of the Republic,” the parliamentarian concluded.

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