Parliamentarians describe their work plans

The DPR People’s Council deputies Yaroslav Lisobey, Vladimir Medvedev, Maxim Parshin and Elena Shishkina shared their work plans in the DPR People’s Council of the II Convocation with the Donetsk News Agency.

Yaroslav Lisobey stated that his goal was to lobby the interests of people with disabilities.

ʺThrough me, there is a category of people with disabilities in the Republic’s parliament, we will lobby their interests and protect their rights in establishing the legislative framework concerning the social sphere. First of all, I would like to give a status to the disabled people’s public movements of the DPR at the legislative level. This is a major and painful problem that has been very acute over the past four years since the war started,ʺ the parliamentarian underlined.

Vladimir Medvedev reported on the importance of adoption of the Housing Code and legislative consolidation of the status of migrants.

ʺThe first thing we want to do is to conduct an audit of the legislation for the compliance with the Constitution of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Furthermore, there is a need to amend the Migration Service Act and adopt the Housing Code,ʺ he noted.

Maxim Parshin, in turn, as the Chairman of the DPR Union Association promised to defend the interests of workers in the parliament.

ʺFirst of all, it is necessary to enact the Labour Code and collective agreements of social-labour relations,ʺ he said.

Elena Shishkina, in turn, noted the urgency of developing and taking measures to improve social guarantees. She also called the cessation of hostilities a key objective.

ʺI am expecting productive work from the whole parliament for the benefit of the people,ʺ the deputy said.

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