Parliamentarians of DPR and Russian Federation participate in celebrations of Russian Federation’s State Flag Day in capital of Republic

On August 22, a ceremonial event dedicated to State Flag Day of the Russian Federation took place in the capital’s Pervomaisky Garden Square.

The event was attended by Chairman of the People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka, leader of the Donetsk Republic faction, People’s Council deputy Valery Skorokhodov, People’s Council deputy Alexander Kamyshov, State Duma deputy, coordinator of the Russia-Donbass Integration Committee Andrey Kozenko, State Duma deputy, Chairman of the Association of Trade Unions of Russia “Sotsprof” Sergey Vostretsov, as well as residents and guests of the city.

During the speech, the Chairman of the People’s Council expressed gratitude to the residents of the Russian Federation for the full support of the Republic.

“Today we celebrate a great holiday – State Flag Day of the Russian Federation, our great Motherland.

The Russian tricolour played a significant role in our lives: it was with this flag that five years ago the inhabitants of the Republic took to the square, it was the Russian flag that became a symbol of unity, fraternity and freedom. We are proud of this flag.

Russia is a great power that helped us, gave a hand to millions of our people burned by the war, while Ukraine launched shells onto our home ground.

Every day during these five years, we have been becoming convinced of the correctness of our choice, the choice in favour of Russia, integration with it and restoration of historical justice. We know what we are fighting for.

Every day for our people this holiday is getting closer, since more than 10 thousand citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic have already taken the oath and become citizens of the Russian Federation. This is also a huge support from our large Motherland.

Happy holiday, dear friends!” Vladimir Bidyovka said.

State Duma deputy Andrey Kozenko recalled the events of five years ago and wished the people of Donbass peace and patience.

“Let me congratulate you on this wonderful holiday on behalf of all Russians, and on part of my fellow countrymen, Crimeans. Today, I am sincerely glad and proud that the Russian tricolour is flying in the heroic land of Donbass. Today, I want to say “thank you” to every Donbass resident. Thank you for your courage, thank you for patriotism and heroism, for the love of our flag, coat of arms, anthem, for respect for our most powerful president around the world – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. I am sure that new victories and new successes await us under the Russian flag. I’m sure that together we will succeed,” Andrey Kozenko noted.

Also, the Chairman of the Association of Trade Unions of Russia “Sotsprof”, Sergey Vostretsov, addressed the residents and guests of the city with a welcoming speech.

“For us, Flag Day is already a common holiday, because many of you have decided to become citizens of the Russian Federation too, some have already received passports. On behalf of all Petersburgers, I sincerely congratulate you on this common holiday.

During the war, Leningraders experienced a difficult period – the blockade, and today, unfortunately, you are not going through the easiest times either. But I am sure that the working people always win, which is why, just as once the soldiers stopped the Wehrmacht near Leningrad, you did the same with the invasion fascism.

I wish you peaceful skies above your head so that the shells would never burst again, so that children would not die, that our lands would prosper,” Sergey Vostretsov emphasized.

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