Parliamentarians take part in litter picking held in one of metropolitan parks (photographic report)

Litter picking was held on April 8, at the Donetsk Komsomol Park of Culture and Recreation within the framework of a two-month landscaping programme. The event, organized on the initiative of the public movement “Donetsk Republic”, was attended by about 100 people – deputies of the parliamentary faction “Donetsk Republic” and the activists of this public movement.

During cleaning, part of the park territory where the Alley of Fairy Tales is located was cleared of garbage, dry branches and fallen leaves.

The Chairman of the People’s Council Denis Pusilin noted that holding citywide litter picking allows uniting residents of the city. According to the Speaker, citizens should understand that the improvement of their city directly depends on their initiative and the desire to make it more convenient and beautiful.

“With the onset of spring, everyone wants our parks, streets, cities to look cleaner and tidier. Therefore, we always had a habit to meet and work together on sorting out the mess. Today we also received a sufficiently serious response to the call for such an event. In the cleaning of one of the most beautiful metropolitan parks, the deputies and activists of public movement take an active part.

I think that such events should be carried out everywhere. Litter pickings are a call for everyone to take care of their home, their city, their country. We do not need to strive for the incomprehensible, ‘transcendental’ Europe. If we will have clean yards, houses and streets, then we will live in a beautiful and comfortable state,” Denis Pusilin stressed.

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