Participants of children project “Peace to World!” attend People’s Council plenary meeting

On March 17, a meeting of deputies with the participants of the children project “Peace to the World!”, which activity was aimed at establishing a dialogue between the children of the DPR, the Russian Federation and European countries, was held during the plenary meeting of the DPR People’s Council.

The project leader Eleonora Fedorenko told about activities undertaken and plan for the future.

ʺToday, I am proud to represent a group of young people, who together with their age mates from Russia and Germany, participated in a round table with the deputies of the State Duma, cultural and public figures. In addition, our children have become members of the ‘diplomatic shift’ in Artek in September 2016,ʺ the project leader said.

According to Eleanorа Fedorenko, the “Peace to the World!” project included an exhibition of children’s pictures called “The world seen by children”, the organization of international teleconference with the participation of refugee children from Syria. The public figures from Germany and Italy also joined the project. In particular, a book about the tragic events happened in Donbass, which was written by Italian writers on the basis of the established dialogue and the exhibition of children’s paintings, is about to launch in Italy.

The project participants made a presentation to parliamentarians on their activities within the framework of the project. They expressed interest in continuing their work in the area of international youth contacts, research and statistical analysis of the current problems of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The deputies of the People’s Council responded to their questions concerning education, economics and culture, as well as international volunteer activities in other countries. The project participants wondered whether they could make suggestions to parliamentarians and whether they would be taken into account in legislative activities.

The Chairman of the DPR People’s Council thanked the project participants for their interest in the work of the supreme legislative body of the Republic.

ʺThank you for your interesting thoughts, your attention to the history of our land and the indifference to the fate of the Republic, as well as the active interest in state-building and legislative work.

Your ambitions instill confidence that the Republic has every chance in the future to discover its full potential and become a mature, successful state, in which its citizens are active and influence important decisions.

It seems to me that we, of course, have to respond to such initiative of our young people. In this regard, I ask my fellow deputies to provide support. I think it will be interesting and useful for our activists to attend the meetings of the People’s Council’s substantive committees, where the main legislative work is carried out,ʺ Denis Pushilin said.

In addition, the Speaker of the Parliament invited the People’s Council to arrange an excursion for the activists of “Peace to the World!” project, in which students could understand and become better acquaint with the work of the supreme legislative body of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

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