People’s Council Chairman discusses with Youth Parliament issues and ways to strengthen interaction

On January 29, the capital of the Republic hosted a working meeting between DPR People’s Council Chairman Vladimir Bidyovka and representatives of the Youth Parliament’s executive committee.

During a conversation with the event participants, Vladimir Bidyovka invited parliamentarians to visit one of Makeyevka boarding schools with a humanitarian mission.

“First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the beginning of a new working year. I hope that the scope of our cooperation will only expand.

Over the first year of work, you managed to notice that some issues in the Republic can be immediately solved, and some issues require more careful study. However, even if something did not work out immediately, one should not despair. As I said earlier, you are pioneers, and it is always difficult to be them. Therefore, I wish you success in your future activities and I hope that our cooperation will be as productive as it can be.

I would also want to offer to go together to Makeyevka boarding school No. 36. I know that they are in need of purchasing volleyballs and some office equipment, so let’s work through this issue. I also ask you to consider the possibility of giving an insightful lesson or some other form of work with schoolchildren,” the Speaker of Parliament said.

The members of the Presidium unanimously supported this initiative.

The Youth Parliament presented an annual activity report. The MPs spoke about the prospects for the development of youth policy in 2020, about the interaction of the Youth Parliament with the People’s Council in law-making, the creation of joint commissions or working groups, the expansion of the Youth Parliament’s powers, measures to support young professionals and prevent the brain drain in the Republic.

Considerable attention was devoted to the problematic issues that young parliamentarians face in the process of work. On top of that, the Chairman of the People’s Council instructed parliamentarians to hold several joint meetings of the committees to develop relevant proposals to finalize the bill on the foundations of state youth policy, which would also serve as an incentive to strengthen the joint work of the People’s Council deputies and young parliamentarians.

Also, Vladimir Bidyovka recommended that the deputies of the Youth Parliament pay special attention to the issue of the youth’s patriotic upbringing and strengthen work aimed at preserving historical memory.

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