People’s Council deputies as part of “Care” project provide charitable assistance to Makeevka orphanage

On August 17, 2016, the deputies of the DPR People’s Council Ekaterina Martyanova and Elena Melnik, as well as representatives of the central committee of the “People’s control” within the project “Care” visited the republican specialized orphanage for HIV-infected children in Makeevka.

Ekaterina Martyanova told about the idea of creating “Care” project.

“It is our joint idea – to draw the attention of concerned people to the existing problems of orphanages. The public needs to see that there are the same children, like ours, who also have the right to a full life.

Thanks to orphanage employees for their professionalism, warmth and love they give to children. We need to become more compassionate and help each other. I hope people will join our campaign,” Ekaterina Martyanova expressed hope.

The DPR People’s Council deputy Elena Melnik expressed intention to provide assistance and full support of orphanages on a regular basis.

“I believe we are on the right track. After all, every day there are new worries, new concerns, new needs… We will continue pursuing our action, support orphanages, visit children, share our love and joy we have in our hearts,” Elena Melnik said.

The deputy chief doctor Lyudmila Batekhina told about the problems the institution is facing at the moment.

“The issue of HIV is always acute. We work not only in the children’s home mode, but also in the mode of infection department. A child, who is in the establishment, must be surrounded by care; they require a certain pedagogical approach, as well as medical and psychological assistance. Children need support: this also applies to medicines and food, and clothing, and toys. Thus, 80% of the products we get from the people who help on a charitable basis.

Thank you for coming to us today! This is how the care of the deputy is expressed – they hear and help,” Lyudmila Batekhina said

According to the deputy chief doctor, Makeevka orphanage was the only medical institution in Ukraine for HIV-infected children.

This is the third institution which members of the People’s Council and People’s controllers visited within the “Care” project. On the day of visit, the deputies gave the orphanage the humanitarian aid for children: diapers, baby shampoos and lotions, as well as pastries.

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