People’s Council deputies visit memorial complex “Saur-Mogila” on eve of Day of Donbass Liberation (photographic report)

On September 7, 2016, in the territory of the memorial complex “Saur Mogila” (Saur-Tomb) in Shakhtyorskiy district of the Donetsk People’s Republic a rally-requiem dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of Donbass liberation from fascist invaders in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 has been held.

The event was attended by the DPR People’s Council deputies Alexander Avdeyev, Vladimir Bidyovka, Vasiliy Bozyavkin, Andrey Voroshilov, Oleg Glebov, Ekaterina Gubareva, Tatiana Dvoryadkina, Tatiana Demchenko, Marina Zheynova, Alexey Zhigulin, Sergey Zavdoveyev, Sergey Ivanov, Anatoliy Koval, Alexander Kozlov, Sergey Kondrykinsky, Yegor Korostov, Alexander Kurenkov, Alexander Malkov, Ekaterina Martyanova, Elena Melnik, Andrey Miroshnichenko, Alla Obolenskaya, Evgeniy Orlov, Sergey Sverchkov, Anastasia Selivanova, Alexander Seryozhenko, Yuri Sivokonenko, Alexander Simonenko, Roman Khramenkov and Stanislav Shaposhnikov.

The Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko congratulated citizens of the Republic with the 73rd anniversary of Donbass liberation.

“Today is a great day, 73 years ago, our glorious ancestors thrown out fascist invaders from our land. Two years ago, the grandchildren of our grandfathers have shown that they are worth of glory of freedom fighters – they did not let the enemy on our land, resisted… and won. They won spiritually, they won with the power of the heart and spirit.

The heroes of the two wars lay in this holy land. And next to our grandparents our brothers, husbands and sons are buried. I believe, no matter how it will be difficult, we will restore our Donbass, we will make our life happy, and our children will never see the war. Eternal memory to the fallen, the eternal glory of the living! Congratulations!” Alexander Zakharchenko claimed.

After the memorial service and a moment of silence announced for the heroes fallen on the battlefield, the ceremony of laying flowers to the memorial has taken place. Then throughout the day the concert programme will take place in the territory of the memorial complex.

We will note that earlier beside the graves of the rebels fallen on a barrow of Saur-Mogila in honour of the 73rd anniversary of Donbass liberation the sculptural composition in memory of fallen in fights for this strategic height in 2014 was established. The author of the composition was a famous Donetsk blacksmith Viktor Mikhalyov. The sculpture is a sleeve of MLRS “Uragan”, overgrown with roses made of shells delivered from the territory of the Donetsk railway station.

The monument is engraved with a passage from a poem by the poet Leonid Kornilov “Will of the fallen.”

“We have sprouted with roots through,

But ever stayed infantry,

That’s in the deep embrace of the earth

Stranglehold keeps the heights.”

Additionally, the territory of the memorial complex “Saur Mogila” is currently under extensive restoration works.

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