Physical culture and sport workers congratulated on their professional holiday in Donetsk

On August 11, a solemn awarding ceremony for the best physical culture and sport workers took place in the Kuibyshev Palace of Culture in Donetsk.

The event was attended by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin, the Acting Minister of Youth, Sport and Tourism Nikolay Tarapata, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Irina Simonova, the DPR People’s Council deputies Yuri Sivokonenko, Sergey Zavdoveyev, Andrey Miroshnichenko and Oleg Stepanov.

Nikolai Tarapata read the congratulatory address of the Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko for the physical culture and sport workers.

ʺSports movement in the Donetsk People’s Republic steadily grow and strengthen, new sports federations are created, our athletes regularly participate in international competitions and, in doing so, show worthwhile results, win medals and prizes. The most important factor in state policy in the area of physical culture and sport is the integration a maximum number of our citizens of all ages and social categories into sporting life. Sport must become a mass and accessible to all inhabitants. On this festive day, I wish all Donbass people good health and an athletic shape,ʺ the congratulatory address of Alexander Zakharchenko said.

Denis Pushilin, in his statement, noted that, despite all difficulties, the DPR athletes worthily represented the state in the international arena.

ʺI congratulate you on your professional holiday! Of course, our region was a forgery of sports personnel in the days of the Soviet Union. Athletes, who competed in various disciplines, glorified our region, made us proud of them and continue doing to this day. So far, our athletes have taken an active part in international competitions.

We need to focus on our children. There is a need to demonstrate to young people that sport is, first and foremost, important and useful. Despite the difficulties, we face every day, new sports sites are being opened in the Republic. In September, we plan to open youth athletic school in Gorlovka,ʺ the Speaker of the Parliament said.

The Chairman of the People’s Council’s Committee for Youth, Physical culture, Sports and Tourism Yuri Sivokonenko, in his turn, thanked the physical culture and sport workers of the Republic for their significant contribution to the education of young people.

ʺI sincerely congratulate everyone on this wonderful holiday! I am glad that we adhere to the principle “Healthy children – healthy nation”. That is the motto we have taken as the basis for the development of sport in the Republic. I would like to thank coaches, instructors, who brought our athletes up courageous and strong. I believe that sooner or later the time will come when all battles will be held exclusively in the sporting arenas,ʺ the parliamentarian said.

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