Public debate takes place in DPR’s capital on eve of Primaries-2016

On September 17, 2016, in Donetsk within the framework of “Time for choice” a public debate took place, in which the inhabitants of the Donetsk People’s Republic wishing to participate in the Primaries-2016 as candidates were able to demonstrate their declamatory skills.

The event was attended by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin, first Deputy Head of the executive committee of the public movement “Donetsk Republic” Andrey Kramar, candidates for participation in the Primaries.

The Speaker of the Parliament of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin spoke about the main purposes of the debate.

“We have organized a debate platform so that the candidates would have an opportunity to express their position, answer questions, and voters would have the ability to determine who is worthy to represent the interests of the citizens in the upcoming elections, if they are agreed upon during negotiations in Minsk.

Primaries can be regarded as a kind of exercise, as an opportunity to try their hand in matters that concern everyone. This is a sort of test for political maturity. We are required to submit worthy candidates only.  After all, we need to show our viability, including in the political arena. And the most important thing is that any person, who believes that they are ready to take responsibility for the Republic and its citizens, can become the candidate,” Denis Pushilin emphasised.

Also, the Chairman of the People’s Council reported that the law enforcement bodies of the Republic are ready to ensure law and order during the elections.

“Security at the time of the election is a culminating and essential matter. We show that it is safe for international observers to be in our territory. Our law enforcement agencies – the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of State Security and the General Prosecutor’s Office – are able to provide law and order during the elections,” Denis Pushilin said.

During the event, all registered participants spoke alternately. In particular, Larisa Kostrovets in her speech called demonstration of unity of civil society a priority of the Primaries.

“I expect from the Primaries the demonstration to the world community of the unity of civil society in our Republic. Unity, based not on the propensity to terrorism, but on the particular identity of the inhabitants of Donbass – multinational community, which is a part of halo of Russian world,” Larisa Kostrovets said.

Candidate Svetlana Drozhzhina pointed at consolidating function of Primaries procedure.

“The preliminary vote, to which we are preparing, will bring together, in this case, not only youth, but also all groups of the population. Just as the experience of pre-campaign to collect signatures on a Petition to the UN Security Council, the Primaries will make it possible to build an open public interaction of citizens with the structures of power,” Svetlana Drozhzhina suggested.

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