Registration of Bill regulating terms of citizen participation in community policing approved in functional committee

On July 14, 2016, a session of the Security and Defence Committee took place which focused on discussion of the bill “On participation of citizens in community policing”.

The deputies heard Chairman of the Committee Anatoly Koval`s report who announced completion of drafting the bill “On participation of citizens in community policing” and its preparedness for registration and passing the appropriate procedure under the People`s Council Regulations.

“The bill is relevant, it allows to solve a number of tasks facing law enforcement authorities, involving patriotic citizens in the protection of public order in the Donetsk People`s Republic”, Anatoly Koval noted.

Members of the Committee unanimously voted for registration of the bill in the People`s Council Committee.

Secretary of the Security and Defence Committee Alexander Simonenko commented on the bill for the People`s Council press service.

“The main objective of the draft law is to establish order and ensure the opportunity for citizens to be directly involved in the protection of public order and to provide practical assistance in guaranteeing public security to law enforcement authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The draft law includes the establishment of public associations of citizens, such as voluntary people`s patrols. The bill also provides for participation of citizens in the protection of public order as non-staff police officers.

At the same time, the draft law restricts putting on staff both supernumerary police officers and members of voluntary people`s patrols. For example, if a person has previous convictions or has been held administratively liable by judicial procedure during the past year at least twice, that person cannot become a non-staff police officer or join a people`s patrol”, Alexander Simonenko pointed out.

The deputy noted that a detailed analysis of the activity of people`s patrols in different countries was conducted, while drafting the bill.

“In the process of drafting the law, the Committee analyzed practices of voluntary people`s patrols at different times and in different states. Thus, the highest efficiency was demonstrated by people`s patrols in the period of the Soviet Union. After its collapse, in such states as the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus and even Ukraine the laws were adopted regulating participation of citizens in community policing and providing for the establishment of people`s patrols.

 In addition to the terms and procedure of citizen participation in the protection of public order, the draft law makes provision for some social guarantees for such citizens. For instance, non-staff police officers and members of people`s patrols are entitled to additional annual leave of up to 10 days”, the deputy announced.

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