Regular meeting of trilateral Contact Group takes place in Minsk

On July 27, the following issues were considered at a meeting of the Contact Group on settlement of the conflict in Donbass: deterioration of the situation on the contact line, pension payments, discussion of modalities of holding local elections, the prisoner exchange and search for missing persons.

According to a source in the Minsk negotiations, the security subgroup didn`t manage to agree on a document about disengagement of forces. In spite of all attempts of the DPR and LPR representatives, the only agreed areas for disengagement of the parties are Petrovskoye and Zolotoye.

The source noted that the issue of pension payments remains the most acute in the economic subgroup.

“During the negotiation process, Ukraine has neither tried to implement this article of the Package of measures nor made a compromise, leading to its implementation, but toughened the rules on receiving social benefits as much as possible instead. Today, pensioners have to bear hardships and humiliation from the Ukrainian side in order to get pensions, for which they worked all their life”, the source in Minsk said.

Summing up the meeting, the source focused on a constant sabotage of the Minsk process by the Ukrainian side.

“Two years of negotiations haven`t brought us one step closer to the implementation of the political part of the Package of measures. Neither electoral laws, nor laws on a Special Status, amnesty or amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine have been agreed on. And those rules, which have been agreed on, are denied today because of a constant change of Ukrainian representatives in the political subgroup and the lack of Regulations. Fixing the agreements reached and their firmness in the further negotiation process is the only chance to find understanding in political issues”, the source concluded.

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