Representatives of DPR in Contact Group call upon OSCE SMM and ICRC to draw attention to condition of detention of prisoners located in Ukraine’s territory

On October 4, a regular meeting of the Contact Group on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass was held in Minsk. The agenda included issues related to the expiry of the Special Status Act, the preparation of prisoner exchanges, the observance of the ceasefire and the implementation of the Agreement on the separation of forces and means.

According to the Minsk source at the peace negotiations, the representatives of the People’s Republics confirmed their commitment to the exchange of prisoners of war on “all for all” basis, as stipulated in clause 6 of the Package of Measures.

ʺThe Republic does not accept partial exchanges at the wish of the Ukrainian side. To take those in whom Ukraine is interested without caring for the rest of the prisoners is the purpose of our opponents. We cannot permit ourselves to divide prisoners into categories who are subject to release and who are not. For us, all who are in the Ukrainian prisons and remand centres are worthy of freedom. We will continue to work in order to seek the return of all our people.

This applies to “Berkut” special police force, which were accused of shooting at ‘peaceful protesters’ during “Maidan” and Odessa residents, who miraculously survived in the Trade Unions House on May 2 and accused by the Ukrainian authorities of organizing this terrible tragedy. This also applies to Darya Mastikasheva, a 29-year-old and three times Ukrainian champion in taekwondo, the head of interregional public organization “Golden League”, who is accused of treason and infringement of legality and international human rights, held incommunicado without basic medical care and the right to receive correspondence or communicate with relatives,ʺ the source said.

According to the source, following the plenipotentiary representative Denis Pushilin’s calling upon to pay close attention to the fate of this person and to stop the illegal detention at the last meeting of the Contact Group, the Ukrainian side responded with even severer criminal acts.

As a result of the violent search of the Darya and her mother Petrochenko Irina Viktorovna’s apartments, in addition to that, Irina Viktorovna was beaten and Darya’s friend, Lily Barasiy, was taken by the Ukrainian special services to an unknown destination. All of this only says that the Security Service of Ukraine has no evidence of Darya Mastikasheva’s guilt. Searches, beating and kidnapping are the only possibility for Ukrainian powers to extract confession, which proves her ‘guilt’, from Darya’s family.

We will continue to insist on the close attention of international humanitarian and human rights organizations to the conditions of detention of prisoners in places of detention and secret prisons located in the Ukraine’s territory, allegations of torture, unlawful prosecution and retention, violation of basic human and civil rights and freedoms in Ukraine. Moreover, the DPR plenipotentiary representative Denis Pushilin held a series of meetings with representatives of the OSCE SMM and ICRC, who confirmed their interest in maintaining the inviolability of human rights and freedoms in the territory of Ukraine and expressed the need to acquire detailed knowledge of the situation of Darya Mastikasheva,ʺ the source said.

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