Representatives of People’s Republics in Contact group urged to prevent recurrence of massive shellings

On February 15, in Minsk the regular meeting of Contact group was held. The agenda included issues related to the exchange of prisoners, the deterioration of the situation on the contact line and the implementation of political paragraphs of the Package of measures.

According to a source from Minsk at the peace negotiations, humanitarian subgroup has been actively working on updating the lists of prisoners for further exchange. According to him, the negotiators of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics make every effort to achieve results. The source noted that Ukraine continues to delay the discussion of political paragraphs of the Minsk agreements.

“At today’s meeting of the subgroup on political issues negotiators again failed to reach a consensus on the implementation of “Steinmeier formula”,” the source said.

Also today in Minsk there were discussed issues of reducing the escalation the contact line, the need for withdrawal of heavy weapons from the contact line, and the importance of implementation of all decisions reached earlier by the Contact group. The source stressed that special attention was focused on it by the permanent plenipotentiary DPR representative at the Minsk talks Denis Pushilin.

“According to representatives of the People’s Republics, it is not permissible to allow the repeat of massive shellings, destruction of residential infrastructure and socially important facilities. It is necessary to use all possible mechanisms to achieve a de-escalation of the situation on the contact line.

Particular attention was paid by Denis Pushilin to the situation around Donetsk filtration plant. Placement of Ukrainian troops and bunkers in the vicinity of DFP creates additional security risks for station employees and leads to the deterioration of the situation on this front. DPR envoy stressed the need for a speedy resolution of this issue.

Also today, a meeting of the subgroup on economic issues took place. Priority areas of work have been identified. We look forward to a constructive discussion of the most critical issues,” the source concluded.

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