Republic’s leadership congratulates Professor Emil Fistal on 80th anniversary

On February 20, a special event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Director of the Institute of Urgent and Regenerative Surgery named after V.K. Gusak, Head of the Donetsk Burn Centre, Professor Emil Fistal took place in the Centre of Slavic Culture in Donetsk.

The event was attended by the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin, Chairman of the DPR’s People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Council Olga Makeyeva, People’s Council’s deputies, as well as the representatives of ministries and departments.

The Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin thanked the anniversary celebrant for significant contribution to the development of the Donetsk People’s Republic during the official part.

ʺDonbass is very fortunate to have people like you, Emil Yakovlevich, who despite anything remained faithful to their duty, land and people.

It is remarkable that the anniversary celebration gives us an opportunity to express special thanks to you. I am sure that the thousands of people, whose lives you saved would like to be here and share sincere respect.

You are an example not only for medical workers. You demonstrate how to live and treat the world.

Let all the good, energy, which you have given and continue to give to people, returns to you hundredfold. I would like to wish you health! Do us a favour: remain at duty. We need you, Donbass needs you!,ʺ Denis Pushilin said.

Vladimir Bidyovka, in turn, presented an award to Emil Fistal on behalf of the People’s Council – the Badge of Honour of the DPR’s People’s Council.

ʺUndoubtedly, today is a significant day for Donbass, because Emil Yakovlevich was born 80 years ago, he is a talented doctor, creative person, citizen and a patriot of his Motherland. You treat every patient with great affection and tenderness and you fight for people’s lives every day. It is a difficult struggle, it is even above human forces sometimes, but you prove that you know how to win. I wish you many years of professional practice and we extend our deepest gratitude for thousands of saved lives.

Today, I am honoured to present you an award, the Badge of Honour, on behalf of the DPR’s People’s Council and a part of soul and gratitude of every deputy for years of work and saving people’s lives,ʺ the Speaker of the Parliament noted.

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