Republic’s officials congratulate staff of Donetsk Art Museum on its anniversary

On September 23, in the Donetsk Republican Art Museum, celebrations were held on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of its founding. The event was attended by the DPR Head, Denis Pushilin, the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, Vladimir Bidyovka, the Deputy Chairman of the People’s Council, Olga Makeyeva, deputies of the People’s Council, the Minister of Culture, Mikhail Zhetyakov, as well as guests from the Russian Federation.

As reported by the press service of the Head of State, Denis Pushilin addressed the audience with a welcoming speech in which he announced the allocation of additional premises to the Donetsk Republican Art Museum.

“As of now, the museum owns more than 16 thousand pieces of art.  There is no ability to put up so many paintings at once. There are also problems with the storage facility and conducting restoration work. Therefore, on this solemn day, I want to inform you that the Donetsk Republican Art Museum will be provided with additional premises that will solve a number of the difficulties that exist.

I wholeheartedly congratulate all the museum staff on the anniversary! I wish you further success in preserving and stepping up the museum’s collection. And, of course, while working with the younger generation – our replacement,” the Head of State wished the staff.

Vladimir Bidyovka handed a congratulatory address to the director of the museum, Nadezhda Anishchenko.

“You daily invest a bit of soul in your work that is beautiful and necessary for all generations, make each visit to the museum special and unforgettable, enrich us spiritually, awakening in each of us a feeling of love for enduring values, pride in our heritage and respect for history.

We appreciate you for many years of creative work, enthusiasm, creative approach to work, as well as active scientific and educational activities. We would like to express our special gratitude for participating in the Children of the Republic social programme, in which young residents of our Republic regularly become guests of the museum, having the opportunity to get in touch with the world of beauty and spend time profitably,” the Speaker of Parliament said.

Also, guests of the event were presented musical gifts from the Donetsk State Academic Philharmonia, the Donetsk State Academic Music and Drama Theatre named after M. M. Brovun and the Donetsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after A. B. Solovyanenko.

At the end of the solemn part of the event, the opening of the exhibition “Antique Plots in Western European Art” was held, at which more than 60 works of painting, graphic art, sculpture and decorative and applied art by Western European artists from the museum funds were presented for the first time. The centre of the exhibition involved the works of Carracci, Charles Alphonse du Fresnoy, August Riedel and Simon Denis.

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