Republic’s officials participate in requiem rally in memory of victims of tragedy in Odessa

On May 2, a requiem meeting was held in Lenin Square in the centre of Republic’s capital, dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the tragedy in Odessa. The event was attended by DPR Head Denis Pushilin, Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka, deputies of the People’s Council, representatives of ministries and departments.

Addressing the rally participants, the Head of the Republic expressed the hope that the perpetrators of the terrible tragedy that occurred five years ago would be punished.

“Five years have passed since that terrible day, when the Nazi followers burned civilians alive in Odessa. People who remained forever in the walls of the House of Trade Unions, stayed faithful to their convictions to the end.

The events of May 2 showed that our paths ultimately diverged from post-Maidan Ukraine. We are different! We have different thoughts, different values and ideals.

We have no right and will not forget about all the monstrous crimes of the Kiev regime. We will remain unshakable in our convictions. All perpetrators must be punished! And for this we will do our best! And the memory of the perished will remain forever in our hearts!” Denis Pushilin said.

In turn, the speaker of the parliament noted that the events of May 2 would forever remain in the pages of history as an inhuman crime, for which there is no forgiveness.

“Starting from 2014, May 2 became the day of grief, pain and loss. This day brought complete clarity to the fact that we are out of the way with Ukraine.

Unfortunately the criminals are still unpunished. But the truth will surely triumph and the whole world will know this it,” Vladimir Bidyovka said.

We shall recall that on May 2, 2014, in Odessa, activists of the “Right Sector” [organization banned in the DPR – ed.] and the so-called “Maidan self-defence” burned a tent city on the Kulikovo field, in which Odessans collected signatures for a referendum on the federalization of Ukraine and the status of the Russian language. Then the supporters of the Anti-Maidan movement took refuge in the House of Trade Unions, but the radicals surrounded the building and set it on fire. At least 48 people died in the tragedy. The guilty have not been punished so far.

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