Requiem for Dead in Great Patriotic War held in Donetsk

On June 22, the requiem devoted to the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War was held in Donetsk. Chairman of the DPR People`s Council Denis Pushilin, deputies of the DPR People`s Council, representatives of the ministries and departments were present at the concert.

 Opening the official part of the concert, Denis Pushilin read out a message from Alexander Zakharchenko, the DPR Head, to citizens of the Republic.

“Today our country celebrates Memorial Day for those who have died in the Great Patriotic War. The victory in that great war was dearly bought. Millions of our compatriots died, millions lost relatives, millions of soldiers didn’t return from the battlefields. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers managed to break the back of Fascism and to make the world free for 70 years from The Brown Plague at the cost of heavy sacrifice”, the Speaker of the DRP Parliament read out the DPR Head`s message.

Communicating with journalists, Denis Pushilin paid attention to a historical parallel between today’s events and events of the Great Patriotic War times.

‘The peace on our earth was won by joint efforts of the Soviet soldiers and allies. Unfortunately, in 2014 we faced the followers of Nazi ideas again. We suffered from it at the same way as the generation of our great-grandfathers did. Nevertheless, we realize, as well as in 1941, that our cause is just and we will prevail again,’ Denis Pushilin declared.

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